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5 DIY Bedroom Decor Your Kids Can Make

You can enjoy quality time with your kids while creating awesome DIY bedroom decor. And, your kid’s room will be totally unique!

Redecorating can get expensive fast. As your kids grow, their interests will change, and it can be difficult to keep up! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on temporary decorations, consider creating a few decorations yourself.

Not sure where to start? For this post, we asked the team of to give us a list of 5 DIY bedroom decor ideas that your kids can make!

These DIY ideas will look great in any child’s room. The steps are very easy to follow and easy to perform. There is an occasional step that will need a parent’s guidance. Depending on your child’s age, you may opt-in to do the step entirely by yourself, then allow your child to take over again after it’s completed.

Try one or try them all. These 5 DIY bedroom decor ideas are sure to make any room stand out

Wax Lamp Shade

An awesome addition to any child’s room. The light will shine through the lampshade and display various colors of light across their bedroom. Pair it with a unique lamp base to really match your child’s interests. Your child will love it and the five steps are simple making it incredibly easy to make!

The first step is to pick out a simple, light-colored lamp shade.

Then gather all of those broken crayons nobody will use. Super glue the crayons along the top of the lampshade. Use a torch lighter to melt the crayons (assist your child, if he, or she, is doing the work). Allow drying time, before attaching the shade to a lamp.

Knobs for Your Child’s Dresser

Get creative with this one. There are so many different directions you could go with this, A few great choices for knobs are small plastic figures, blocks, or even something like dice. The options are endless, as long as the knob piece is solid, it will work perfectly. You could really use this idea to make your child’s room stand apart.

  • Decide on an adornment for your child’s dresser knobs. You can use small toys, dried clay, or plastic knick-knacks.
    • Help your child paint the adornment or style it with glitter.
    • Remove the current knobs from the dresser.
    • Help your child drill the new DIY knob on to the dresser.

Shadow Box Shelves

Easy to make and create. Use whatever paint colors you want. Paint them multiple colors. Add glitter, sequins, or stickers. Personalize the shelves however your child would like.

Place them all together or spread them across your walls. Their room is their place to express themselves! In just five simple steps, you will have created sturdy and unique, do it yourself shelves.

  • Purchase a few wooden shadow boxes from a local store.
    • Carefully remove the glass and backing of the shadowbox.
    • Paint the inside, outside, front and back of the shadowbox in the desired color or colors.
    • Please allow for drying time before hanging it on the wall.
    • Place personal items on the new shelve.

Photos on A Clothing Line

This decor idea is sentimental, sweet, and wonderfully special. Your child can choose pictures of all their loved ones to display in a creative way throughout their room. Keep the line close to the wall or hang it through the middle of the room. Wherever you choose to place it will work great, just duck and watch your head!

  • Gather some string, clothespins, paint, and pictures.
    • Paint, color, or bedazzle the clothespins and allow to dry.
    • Hang the string across the chosen area of the room.
    • Use the clothespins to attach photos to the string.

A Painted Branch Curtain Rod

This is a great decor idea for a nursery too. The wooden branch is rustic and fits so many nursery themes. It will work great for a child that’s into nature or animals and blend perfectly into almost all fairytale and princess themed bedrooms! Follow these easy steps to add a whimsical touch to your child’s room.

  • Measure the width of your window.
    • Find or buy a tree branch of the appropriate size.
    • Paint the branch a classic white, or any other color you choose
    • Spray a clear coat over the dried paint.
    • Allow time for the clear coat to set before placing the branch above the window.

Every child should have the opportunity to express themselves and figure out what they like. One of the best ways to allow them to do so is by encouraging them to design their own room.


Be Creative with DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas

They can be creative, artistic, and unique while designing their own space. Let their creativity flow, as some may say. Their room should be a unique and safe place for them to go to. A place where they can discover who they are.

Do you have DIY bedroom decor ideas you’ve tried with your little ones? We’d love to hear them!

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