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6 Often Overlooked Tips to Create a Paradise for Backyard Wildlife

Turning your garden into a paradise for wildlife is actually considerably more manageable than you might think. You don’t need to suddenly transform into Sir David Attenborough. Instead, you just need to let nature do its own thing. After all, what is the natural world other than “that which is of itself?”

1 – Install A Ladybug Feeder

Not only do ladybugs look adorable, but they are extremely helpful in the garden. They are actually a type of flying beetle, and they feed on pests that can disrupt the balance in your backyard, including aphids.

To attract them to your garden, install a ladybug feeder. These are usually made of garden twine and bamboo and have a few raisins inside to serve as a tempting sugary snack.

2 – Build An Insect Hotel

Without insects, the biosphere would quickly grind to a halt. We need these tiny creatures to support everything we rely on, from crops to the weather cycle.

You can attract insects to your garden by building what is hilariously dubbed an “insect hotel.” These are helpful constructions for several species, including wasps, butterflies, and bees, keeping them warm, particularly during winter.

You can buy sustainable insect hotels from the local garden center, again made of bamboo. You can also make your own from desiccated bamboo shoots encased in natural wood panels.

3 – Add A Rock Garden To Create A Refuge For Backyard Wildlife

You want the habitats in your garden to be as varied as possible. This way, you can build a complex ecosystem and attract many different creatures. The more interdependency you can create, the more your garden will thrive.

An excellent way to do this is with rock gardens. These are popular among stone-loving beetles and certain types of amphibians.

4 – Add Bird Feeders

song birds

Birds are helpful for gardens, but they can sometimes gobble up too many insects. To prevent this, add bird feeders strategically around your garden, making sure to avoid any that contain plastic. Then, all you need to do is sit on your Maze Rattan furniture and watch the birds as they come to feed.

5 – Install A Boundary Hedge For Backyard Wildlife

Instead of erecting a fence around the periphery of your garden, try growing a boundary hedge instead. Hedges are great because they are a habitat for wildlife and serve as a natural windbreak, encouraging even more creatures into your garden. Hedges are also suitable for sheltering easily-damaged wildflowers.

6 – Build A Water Feature or Pond

koi pond

Wherever there is water on Earth, there is also life, so when you include it in your garden, you immediately increase biodiversity. What’s more, you can also use ponds to introduce children to the water cycle and teach them about the circle of life.

After installing your new pond, just wait a couple of weeks. You’ll notice that it starts to attract new creatures and insects to your garden. Exciting visitors may arrive, including frogs and newts. You may also be able to attract mammals who also seek refreshing water.

So, which of these ideas will you use to turn your garden into a backyard wildlife paradise?

Shika N
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