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How to Create a Zen Living Room

Wish you had a more Zen living room?

If there’s one room in the house where you should be able to relax, it’s your living room. After a long day at work, you should be able to come here, put your feet up, and forget about everything else. Sadly, many of us find that we aren’t quite as Zen in this room as we’d like.

For some of us, this issue is so severe that we spend more time in the kitchen. Whatever you do, you can’t seem to let go in your living room. You often leave the room with a headache or go to bed early because you can’t chill out there. Many people find that their living rooms go without use for months on end because of this.
The good news is, we’re here to uncover the real reasons why this space isn’t as zen as you’d like it to be.

3 Reasons You Don’t Have a Zen Living Room

1 – Your television takes center stage

Giving our televisions centerstage is, by far, the most prominent living room mistake. Most of us invest in hefty cabinets and focus our furniture towards televisions. But, TV isn’t always the relaxation method we hope. As can be imagined, quitting it could actually see us feeling less scatterbrained and sleeping better.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable, then, to assume that your television is to blame for your feelings of unrest. By making it a smaller part of the room, you could well create a far more relaxing space.
Try putting your television in the corner and instead focusing on bookshelves or music systems.

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2 –  You have way too much clutter

Clutter is always bad for our headspaces, and our living rooms are among the prime culprits. When there’s clutter all over the place, your thoughts will soon become cluttered along with it. That’s no way to relax.

You’d be better opting for a minimalist living room with plenty of floor space. This could merely mean working on things like storage solutions to get on top of clutter. Or, you may want to go all out by getting rid of furniture, and even replacing your sofa with a sectional option like those found from

These rest against your wall, and free up more space than a free-standing option. They also bring the benefit of allowing you to stretch right out, which is sure to leave you feeling more chilled.

You will never achieve a zen living room with so many objects cluttering up the environment.

3 – Your color scheme is all wrong

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Sometimes, something as simple as the wrong color scheme could be to blame. While bright colors can be a fantastic option in the rest of the house, they rarely work in a zen living room. That’s because you spend extended portions of time here.

If you have bright colors blaring down at you, it’s no wonder your head feels a mess after a while. Neutral colors are always a better bet for a living space like this. If you want to brighten things up, incorporate furniture and accessories which provide color.

Whatever you do; avoid bright paint on your walls which are sure to drive you wild.

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