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5 Tips to Manage Your Vacation Rental Home Remotely

For most people, owning a vacation rental home is a personal luxury to enjoy. But for some who are into real estate or investments in general, such property is a perfect tool to earn money.

Vacation rental homes have always been in demand for both local travelers and international tourists, making it a great investment in the long run.

A vacation rental opens you to a vast market opportunity, value appreciation, and unmatched income potential. However, managing such property can be more challenging than ever if you’re a busy investor or someone who frequently travels. To cut off some burden, we’ve listed a few tasks that you should take into account.

Tip #1 – Invest in vacation rental home automation

If your vacation rental home isn’t equipped with automation systems, now’s the time to invest in it. Treat it like a business. Stay on-trend, or you lose the money. Invest in automated check-in and check-out so your guests can access the property even when they arrive late. You can choose from smart locks, electronic locks, or Wi-Fi door locks.

As for the home automation system itself, you can install it then control your smart thermostat, lights, or even the AC. If you have the budget to spare, you can get a noise control that will inform you if the guests are having a party. A home automation system is also helpful for ensuring the house is ready when the guests arrive. Such systems are also great for avoiding excessive use of heating or electricity, helping you save money.

Tip #2 – Find a reliable housekeeper for your vacation rental home

Apart from home automation, you need to find a professional cleaning company that can handle routine tasks for the house, such as cleaning and disinfecting. Some can even handle the turnover if there are already new guests coming up. A clean home is typically the first thing that guests will look at.

If you want to keep the guests coming in, you need to invest in a good housekeeping service. The last thing you want to happen is that your guests leave bad reviews over a dirty and badly maintained property. A good cleaning company can ensure that hard-to-reach and frequently neglected places. To make sure they comply with your cleaning standards, you can create a cleaning checklist they can use.

Tip #3 – Schedule pest control services

Pests are not only bad for the health of people staying in the house, but they can also slowly ruin your property. Protect your guests from diseases and your property from damage by scheduling routine mosquito or tick treatment services. These pest control services can keep the diseases out of the house.

Other pests that you should consider getting removed are ants, camel crickets, cockroaches, and rodents. Not only are they carrying diseases, but they can also cause damage to the house and everything in it. Find a reliable pest control service provider that uses all-natural treatment, a safe option for health.

Tip #4 – Always check the supplies.

Stocking up a vacation rental property with supplies can be tricky, but it’s a must. No guests would want to stay in a house that doesn’t even have the basic supplies like toilet paper.

Luckily, you can now order supplies online and get them delivered promptly. You can schedule the delivery on the day your housekeepers will come in so that they can collect it. Ideally, every room should have the basic suppliers, from the bedroom and kitchen to the living room. As for the extra amenities, you can offer welcome gifts, complimentary drinks, tissues, and even a first aid kit.

Tip #5 – Prepare a welcome book for your guests.

Providing a welcome book is a great strategy for reducing the number of questions and concerns your guests might have. Prepare a list of the FAQs and answer them clearly in the book. You should also include several other details, such as instructions on using the appliances, TV, or heating and cooling systems.

You must also highlight the rules for the house or the community, from the noise to the use of swimming pools. Other details are the passwords or Wi-Fi codes, essential contact numbers, basic amenities, and recommendations for activities and places or restaurants to check out. Paper or printed copies of the welcome book are preferable. You can leave multiple copies in the house for guests. You can send out digital copies before the guests’ booked day.

The Takeaway: You Can Manage a Vacation Rental Home from Off-Site With This Planning

If these tips still seem to be a lot of work for you, consider finding a property manager to help you out. Nonetheless, managing a vacation rental property offers you a great chance to grow your income property portfolio and create sizable revenue streams. Maintain that property the right way, and you’ll get that ROI you’ve expected, or even more.

Shika N
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