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Top 7 Things to Do in Cancun

Cancun is the tourist hub of Mexico, and as per the latest reports, it looks like the Cancun’s tourism rates are on the rise. Cancun’s hotel occupancy rates have shot up to as high as 82%. Reports show that 1,380,000 tourists have arrived in the state of Quintana Roo from 21st December to 1st January.

These statistics look great for Cancun, and that’s why their economy is booming. Cancun is one of the best places in the world with the most beautiful beaches.

With the Caribbean trade winds, you can expect a mild and gentle breeze at Cancun nearly all-year-round. With the remarkably calm weather and perfect temperature, it’s not surprising that numerous people are interested in this vacation point.

Now, if you are one of those lucky people who will be making their way to Cancun any time soon, keep reading to find out what fun places can you add to your to-do list so you can enjoy Cancun to its fullest:

1. Visit Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres started as somewhat of a hidden gem like many other great places in Mexico. It is a quiet, pleasant island just off Cancun’s shores with soft white sandy beaches and sweeping shorelines. Moreover, it has very few people compared to the bustling shores of Cancun’s hotel zone.

However, good news always spreads quickly. Isla Mujeres has now become a famous day-trip spot for both tourists and residents alike. 

Once you arrive on the island, you can rent a scooter or golf cart to discover most of the island’s sights in the daytime. Furthermore, Isla Mujeres is famous for coasts such as northern Playa Norte, resorts, and nearby coral reefs for scuba diving and snorkeling. Moreover, there’s a lighthouse at Punta Sur, the southern tip, the remnants of a Mayan temple, and a reserve for sea turtles.

2. Xcaret Park

The Xcaret Park is over 250-acre, and it’s known as an “eco-archaeological theme park” on the Riviera Maya featuring more than 50 activities spanning from water sports, natural and cultural sights, and exhibits. This park has a water park, aquarium, zoo, museum, and cultural hub features, all integrated into one large complex.

At Xcaret, there are ample activities for people of all ages. It’s worthy of determining how you want to manage your day and come up with a plan to make the most out of your time.

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3. Jungle Tours

The jungle tours are top-rated in Cancun. You can discover the mangrove jungles during this tour to appreciate the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to enjoy a lifelong experience during this tour. It offers a variety of activities. The 13 ft. Speedboats are simple for first-time boaters to handle. They are secure, comfortable, and thoroughly fitted to give the best time to the boaters. At Jungle Tour Adventure, you can learn how to drive a speed boat and view the stunning mangrove canals and the bay of Punta Nizuc.

4. Rumble with Lucha Libre

Lucha libre is a unique Mexican form of pro-wrestling. It features aerial maneuvers, rehearsed acrobatics, wild individuals, and the iconic masks. Any battle, whether one-on-one or tag team, matches between Technicos and the Rudos and sometimes with exóticos (drag wrestlers). These types of events generally have about five bouts. Each battle can last three rounds and spill outside the ring at all times.

If you are a wrestling fan, Lucha libre should be on top of your to-do list.

5. Take a Tour to the Mayan Ruins

The ancient Mayan cities dotting the landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, and Guatemala are artistic gems that lead to the Mayan civilization’s brilliance and sophistication. Several companies provide packages for the Mayan ruins. Still, tourists can conveniently visit the most popular sites by public bus separately. Most people take a grand route, named the Ruta Maya, utilizing Cancun as the beginning and stopping place.

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It’s always an excellent idea to buy a map with one of the many travel guides accessible for individual visitors in the region. Better travel guides will have maps of most ruin areas with details regarding significant landmarks, and most of the ruin sites will also have visitor facilities selling travel guides and sightseeing tours.

I assure you, you will not regret visiting these heritage sites. Cancun, Mexico offers white sandy beaches, the blue Caribbean Sea, and opportunities to explore diverse eco-systems. You won’t leave disappointed!

6. Day Trip to Tulum

It takes approximately an hour and a half from south of Cancun to reach Tulum. Tulum gives an exceptional city getaway with a mix of bohemian style dazzling cenotes, Mayan ruins, and beautiful beaches. Start with Sanará beachfront yoga, accompanied by a healthy vegan breakfast at neighboring Raw Love, or a full Mexican breakfast in downtown Taqueria Honorio. Make sure to go to the Tulum Ruins, before the sun gets too hot and intense. The entrance to the ruins would be off the highway along the Artisan Mall. If you are a swimmer, you can get there by swimming as well.

7. Shopping

When it comes to shopping, Cancun is the best of all in Mexico. Once you are done with the tours and the beach activities, you can go to any of the great malls in Cancun for a shopping spree.

There’s no question about Cancun’s great shopping! In Cancun, you can buy till you drop down on all Cancun shopping malls and experience a perfect blend of international shops, high-end shops, drug store brands, and artisan markets and with several luxury brands. Plaza Las Americas and Luxury Street are great places for those hunting for exclusive products! Moreover, don’t skip Mercado 28 in central Cancun-a fantastic place to shop for inexpensive souvenirs!

Here are a few malls you can visit:

  • Luxury shopping: Luxury Avenue
  • Drugstore malls: Forum Cancun
  • Souvenir market: Coral Negro Flea Market

Cancun is a lovely place to place to visit. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you like ancient heritage, beaches or shopping. Cancun has got it all. Use these activities listed above to form your to-do list. It will help you to make sure that you do not miss out on any hidden gems that Cancun has for you.

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