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5 Clever Tips to Maximize Space in a Small Yard

The demand for outdoor space has exploded over the last twelve months, with more and more people seeking properties with a garden space, whatever the size. A garden, outdoor space and access to fresh air is an asset, regardless of the size. What is more, there are so many clever ways you can maximize space in a small garden to get the most out of the yard area that you do have.

With food prices increasing at alarming rates in the USA, it surprises almost nobody that gardening continues to gain popularity.  If your lawn is on the smallish side, but you still want to grow your own food, don’t worry. These suggestions are for you!

5 Ways You Can Maximize Space in a Small Garden or Patio

Here are some great ideas for how to maximize space, even if you have a small yard…or even a patio!

create a garden1 – Utilize storage

Leaving garden furniture, outdoor toys or gardening equipment lying around will take up much-needed space and add clutter to your garden, enhancing its smaller size. When items are not being used, clear them away. Invest in a garden shed to store all your outdoor paraphernalia. Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, and they do not have to big to be effective. Another great storage option is to hang items. Hanging compact foldable garden chairs from outdoor hooks is a great space saver, not to mention it frees up room in the shed. 

2 – Think about your furniture

Choose your garden furniture carefully. The wrong furniture can take up space you can ill afford to lose. Furniture can also make the garden appear smaller when it overpowers the garden visually. Cumbersome wooden furniture and bulky benches will overtake the garden. Instead, opt for slimline or low-level furniture that won’t disturb the view when entering the garden. Bistro sets are perfect for small gardens as they don’t require much space and can be folded out of sight when not in use or hung on those clever garden hooks mentioned above.

3 – Grow upward

Adding greenery or brightly colored veggie plants can enhance any garden. It stimulates the senses, and the positive effect of nature on your wellbeing is gaining more and more traction.

Small yards don’t often lend themselves to large flower beds or borders. Instead, use height to add your greenery. Hanging baskets or living wall gardens draw the eye upwards and thus making a smaller space feel bigger. They will also create a sense of serenity and the wow factor when entering your garden. Fill plain fences with garden favorites such as wisteria or honeysuckle. Alternatively, create a herb garden and hang it from a bare wall to invite color into your garden and fresh produce into your kitchen. 

4 – Create zones

Divide your garden into sections and clearly distinguish each section. Corden off an area for seating and socializing, reserve a section for planting, or for the kids to play. Use clever natural dividers such as bamboo or foliage to separate each zone. Perhaps consider changing the flooring of each area, decking for seating, turf for the play area, for example. By compartmentalizing your garden, it will give the illusion that it is bigger than it is as you do not see everything at first glance. 

5 – Go diagonal

Whether installing decking or paving, consider doing so diagonally. Square and rectangular decking or paving can make a smaller yard look just that, small. By implementing diagonal or diamond-shaped decking, it will give the illusion of a larger space. When decking or paving, opt for lighter colors as this gives the impression of space and openness, all the while remaining contemporary.  Then, once you begin cultivating veggies and herbs, your yard will still appear spacious.

Despite having a small yard, you can still grow your own food and avoid a yard with a cluttered appearance. Follow these five easy tips to maximize space, and you will be well on your way.

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