How to Declutter Your Home in 21 Days

I recently made a new friend named Kat. She’s on the team at HappyCleans and offered up an Infographic called How to Declutter Your Home in 21 Days. Of course, I was open to such an awesome infographic.

Anyone who has read DIY Home & Garden for a while knows that I love cleaning and organizing. I’ve shared posts on how to clean and organize all around the house and the garden.

While I am not exactly OCD over cleaning, I do enjoy it. And, I have some peculiar little traits when I clean the house. For example, when I vacuum the carpets, I must vacuum everything well, then go back and make straight little rows with the fibers all standing in one direction. I can’t stand to get done and not have it look that way.

I’m also very particular over clutter. I have a fairly strict policy of “use it or lose it.” In that regard, I have accidentally thrown away my husband’s new vehicle tags in a pile of junk mail, receipts that I ended up needing, and parts in a box that my husband needed for a DIY project. That last one was just last Sunday, and he’s still kind of pissed off about it.  Oops.

Needless to say, I loved this infographic. It’s kind of nice to see information organized in a very visual way that’s colorful, sensible, and well…organized!

So, my many thanks go out to Kat and the HappyCleans team. I really am happy to share this info for y’all!


I am setting myself a plan to try to follow this over the next 21 days, starting next week to optimize my own organizing efforts. While I’m a pretty organized person, I do see some things that I can definitely improve on (like cleaning out my car!)

What cleaning or organizing tips can you share?

Have a Happy DIY day, y’all!

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