9 DIY Ideas for Autumn Patio Decor

Every season demands its own special decoration to highlight or emphasize its inherent characteristics. Autumn is no different and today we are going to check out 9 DIY ideas for decorating your patio this fall. A classic fall decoration combo is the pumpkin and mums duo. You know fall (and Halloween) is around the corner when you see those orange gourds interspersed with bright yellow flowers. Without further ado, let’s find out how this usual decoration style can be turned into something more this autumn.

  • Pumpkin Planters: Nothing beats multitasking, and for our avid gardening enthusiasts, this idea is just for you. The pumpkin planter performs a dual purpose: decoration plus gardening. You can plant your fall vegetables as well as other plants of your own choice, and still create a much-needed autumn decor in your patio at the same time. 

pumpkin planters
Image Credit: Adam K. Thompson

  • Create an inviting pathway design

Do you have a pathway leading to your patio? If yes, you can implement this fantastic decoration option. Creatively combine pumpkins and mums and place them strategically along the edges of the pathway. It gives off a festive aura, and yes, it has great curb appeal. 

pathway pumpkins 2
Credit: digsdigs.com

“Errm…so what of those without the patio pathway?” Not to worry, dears! I’ve got you covered. This amazing idea can be implemented in your porch’s pathway, and here, the curb appeal benefit really shines through!

pathway pumpkins
Credit: hgtv.com

  • Paint your wicker chairs

Fall is known for its vibrant colors. It’s like the whole world is being painted in colorful dazzling brushstrokes by the Creator Himself. You can assume that creating-painting role and make your wicker chairs express the vibrancy of autumn. If you don’t have wicker chairs on hand but you really, really feel like trying out this idea, visit a yard sale or a flea market, and you would definitely bag one of these. Don’t be worried if you end up with different styles and sizes with an overall mismatched look. Once you paint them all in the color of your choice, they would definitely match. Case in point, the picture below:

painted wicker chairs
Credit: hgtv.com
  • Skip traditional, go trendy

Almost all the autumn decor you’d find have this homey, traditional feel to it. If you want to ditch that this time around and be all funky, I’m like in total support. Skip the usual couches and opt for something more contemporary, stylish and dazzling in your patio. Your pumpkins can serve as suspended lanterns, and your ottomans can double as planters. I personally love the printed pillows in the decor below.

Credit: hgtv.com

This decor option makes its abundant string of lights the focal point of this funky patio, and it looks good:

trendy 2
Credit: digsdigs.com
  • Decorate with autumn colors:

If you enjoy dining in your patio especially on a warm, lazy afternoon, then you can go with bold autumn centerpieces on the patio table:

autumn colors and centerpiece
Credit: digsdigs.com

Or be more subtle in your approach, with flower pots surrounding the dining area and juicy fruits strategically placed on the table:

autumn colors
Credit: hgtv.com

Choose the option that works best for you and keep the autumn spirit alive.

  • Use ladders as focal centerpieces

Regardless of the size of your patio, whether big, small, large or cramped, this idea can be very much implemented in decorating during the fall. Maximize every rung by adding pumpkins and flowers. The space around the ladder’s base should not be left bare either. This ladder decor can be used on your porch, and definitely in the garden for those trying out vertical gardening ideas.

ladder decoration
Credit: mypaintedgarden.com
ladder decoration 2
Credit: digsdigs.com
  • Customize your pumpkins

At this point, it’s pretty obvious everyone’s doing pumpkin-themed decorations. What’s gonna make yours different and unique? I know! Incorporate a dash of flimsy and flair. Yeah, go all designer on your pumpkins.  

You could add marquee lights to them:

marquee light pumpkins
Credit: karaspartyideas.com


Or paint them with other colors. Replace the traditional orange with a paler hue or something more exotic like gold or silver:

painted pumpkins
Credit: digsdigs.com


This bow-tying idea is also great and comes in handy if you are not up to carving those pumpkins this year:

bow pumpkins
Credit: digsdigs.com


  • Keep things warm, cozy and autumn-y

Those benches and couches on your patio can be decorated for autumn with little to no fuss. Throw some plaid or tartan blankets on them, and the result is this nice and appealing autumn decor. If you feel up to it, you can monogram your personal style or design on your throw pillows.

plaid blanket 3
Credit: digsdigs.com
plaid blanket
Credit: opulentcottage.typepad.com


  • Fall lanterns

Help your outdoor lanterns exhibit the autumn spirit with faux autumn leaves and berries. 


Fall-Decorated-Outdoor Lantern
Credit: timewiththea.com


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