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Why Would You Ever Need A Tree Removal Services?

Why would you need to hire tree removal services?

Trees are among nature’s most beautiful creations. So many different trees of various types can be found worldwide, and they make a wonderful addition to a garden, park, or public area. However, trees need maintenance as they can extend beyond the space set aside from them when they grow. But it’s not just above ground where trees can cause problems. As with many species, the roots can spread a considerable distance from the trunk.

Tree roots are solid and powerful, and this is why if you suspect you have a problem with tree roots on your property, you need a professional tree service provider to have a look and check things over. Let’s talk a little more about how these beautiful and welcome plants can become dangerous.

How Can Trees Become Dangerous?

It is no secret that trees near buildings can cause damage, and prevention needs to be put into place. Here are some of how trees – especially mature examples – may cause a problem:

  • The roots may interfere with the foundations of a building. This type of damage may even cause the building to become unstable and in a perilous state. These roots need dealing with by a professional to alleviate the potential problem.
  • Damaged or diseased trees can become fragile and present a problem involving them potentially falling. That scenario could lead to damaging property and harming pedestrians in the way of the fall. This is why you must call out a professional to deal with any damaged or diseased trees on your property.
  • Overhanging branches can cause problems for neighboring properties and need to be dealt with expertly to keep things friendly! You don’t want to upset your neighbors, and they don’t want your tree in their yard.

These are just a few of the problems that can occur with trees. It is essential that, after any storm, all trees on your property are examined for damage. Indeed, there are likely to be broken branches and further problems that need dealing with. This is where your local arborist’s number becomes one that should be kept safe and easy to find. So, why can’t you deal with problem trees yourself? Let’s talk about that!

arboristWhy Use a Tree Removal Service?

A damaged tree – at least one taller than you – is not a DIY project. Of course, you can see low-hanging branches off and such, but we recommend a professional arborist for the job for anything more. They will have the right equipment and be experienced and safety aware, with harnesses and other safety equipment for if they need to climb high.

We’ve already seen that damaged trees can fall, and should you have a fallen tree, you will need it removed by the tree removal service professionals. This is because if not removed, the roots – should they still be intact – may continue to grow and lead to further damage to your property. It may be that a tree cut down many years ago left the stump behind. Removing this is a professional job and one that requires specialist equipment to complete correctly.

We should add that it may not be a damaged tree you are concerned about: sometimes trees grow far larger than expected and block the light to the home – or even to a neighbor’s home. So at times, removal of the tree is the best option. An arborist will advise as to whether regular pruning can deal with the problem or if it needs removing.

For all advice on problems with trees, contact your local tree removal services. They are always happy to help.

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