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7 Ways to Brighten Your Home with Natural Light

Nothing feels better than having natural light flowing into your home. It lifts your spirits, saves energy, and improves your health. The benefits of natural light are becoming more well-known, so more people are now looking for more ways; they can increase it in their home. 

There many ways you can accomplish adding more natural light in your home, have a look at some of them below: 

Seven Ways to Let the Natural Light into Your Abode

Try these tips.

1 – Add More Reflective Items

You probably already know that adding a mirror in your home can make your room look bigger, but it also has the benefit of adding more light. If you put it across from a window, then you are effectively doubling the amount of light you have in your room. Other shiny objects can also help to reflect the light around any room. It’s one of the reasons mirrored furniture became popular. 

2 – Think About Your Color Pallete

Color can either absorb or reflect light. Therefore, you need to think about the color palette you use in your home. Darker shades will absorb light, so even a room with plenty of windows can appear dull if it’s painted a dark color all over. If you use light grey, light tan, or white, then you will be able to reflect the lightest. They are a much better choice, especially if you have a smaller home. Don’t forget about your ceiling either. Your ceiling should always be a few shades lighter than your walls. Most people choose to use white. Another great way to help the light reflect is to use slightly glossy paint or shiny wallpaper. 

3 – Install Larger Windows Or Doors

If you’re thinking about upgrading your windows or doors with someone like, then this could be the perfect time to increase your openings and allow more natural light to enter your home. The advances in window manufacturing also mean that there is now a minimal need for frames, leaving more exposed lights. A fantastic way to add more light to your home is to turn a window into a sliding or flooding door. It also helps to create more space by having a smooth flow from indoor to outdoor living. 

4 – Add-In New Furniture And Accessories

When you next think about buying new furniture, make sure you try to choose lighter colors. Especially if it’s a larger piece like a sofa or a bed frame. If you want to add richer or brighter colors, do this by adding cushions, small pieces of furniture, artwork, or throws. 

5 – Keep Your Windows Clean 

This may seem simple. However, it can have a huge impact on the light that is let into your home. You should clean them well inside and out. This allows the maximum amount of sunlight to enter your home. Just looking at your windows, you may not think they are that dirty, but as soon as you clean them, you will be surprised to see the state of the cloth you have used. If you haven’t got time to do the outside of your home, it may be worth asking a professional service to come and do it once a month. 

6 – Add Skylights

Skylights are a unique yet effective way to bring light into your home. They come in a range of sizes and are commonly used in high traffic areas of a home like the family room or bathroom. It’s definitely something you will want a professional to deal with. They are the ultimate way to let natural light into your home. If you are installing a loft conversion, they are a must to add to your list of features to include. Often loft spaces can be dark because the planning for the windows hasn’t been sufficient. 

7 – Trim Any Shrubs Or Trees  Outside Windows and Doors

The trees and landscaping outside your home make your home look more attractive and have a better curb appeal. However, the greenery that you have outside your home grows, and this can cause the light in your home to decrease. Make sure you regularly trim and cut back tree branches, climbing vines, and shrubs. They can easily block windows or doors if they are left for too long. If you have plants that are too much to manage, it may be worth replacing them with things like low-lying perennials for flowering annuals, so you can ensure an unobstructed view that allows natural light to pour into your home. 

The Bottom Line on Adding Natural Light to Your Home

We can too easily take natural light for granted. However, if we make an effort to let as much as possible into our homes, we can improve our health,  budget, spirit, and overall well-being. How do you get more natural light into your home? Please share some ideas in the comments below. 

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