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How to Live the Mediterranean Life from Home

There are good things about all corners of the world, but it does seem as if some areas seem to get things right a little more often than others. Take the Mediterranean region, for example. This part of the world is widely considered to be among the happiest and healthiest that the globe has to offer.

But don’t fret if you’re not able to up sticks and move there yourself: it’s more than possible to bring touches of that life to you, no matter where you live. Below, we’ll take a look at some tried and tested ways you can incorporate that life into your own.

How to Bring the Elements of the Mediterranean to Your Home

Here’s how to host a feast inspired by the region right from the comfort of your house.

A Drop of Wine

There are plenty of experts who say you should never touch alcohol because it was a detrimental effect on your well-being. But this isn’t true, and especially if you ask people who live in the Mediterranean countries. There, a drop of wine is one of life’s pleasures. So the next time you’re relaxing in your yard with your loved ones, look at opening up a nice bottle of wine. Of course, don’t go overboard — but there’s enough research to suggest that a glass an evening can be good for you.

Delicious Olives

Olives are an acquired taste, that’s for sure. The first time you have one, you’ll probably spit it out in disgust, especially if you’re young. But if you can power through around ten olives, you’ll eventually come to learn that, first of all, olives can be delicious, and second of all, they can enhance an occasion. And if you’ve ever wondered why people in Mediterranean countries seem to have such good skin, the answer could lie in the number of olives they consume. If nothing else, it can be deeply enjoyable to sit out with a glass of wine and a bowl full of olives.

Fresh Fish

There are plenty of awesome dishes that the Mediterranean people eat, but perhaps the best ones are the fish-based meals. They’ve been eating fish for thousands of years, so they’ve gotten pretty good at determining the best ways to prepare those dishes. And the good news for people in other parts of the world is that thanks to the availability of global foods, you can enjoy fish no matter where you are. The next time you want to make some Mediterranean-inspired, take a look at this marinade for swordfish recipe. It’ll give you a meal that’s delicious, healthy, and full of life.

Make Dinner an Occasion

It’s not just what you’re eating that’s important, however — how you’re eating it is important too. We tend to eat things quickly or even on the go. While sometimes you can’t avoid eating things in a hurry, it’s generally best to make a habit of making your meals an occasion.

The Bottom Line on Hosting a Mediterranean Feast from the Comfort of Home

Take the time to prepare a great meal, gather the family, and make it an hour-long event. It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit — and can help to make your family create lifelong Mediterranean memories. 

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