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How to Make Your Move Easy and Stress-Free

Today, we are going to break down some of the ways that you can make your move easy and stress-free — more than you might be expecting.

We are all familiar with the prospect of moving between properties being up there with one of the most challenges aspects of life, in part because the theory is you are moving the entirety of said life between different locations. So, let’s look at some of the ways you can avoid a problematic move.


Your first port of call should be to sit down and assess the move in as much detail as possible. Your home is going to be turned upside down in the next few weeks and knowing where everything is will be top of your agenda. So, create a spreadsheet or document and match up any labels you put on boxes with your digital plan.

That means have a tab for the bathroom, bedroom, etc. and make it clear what is in each box. You don’t have to list item by item, though you might want to, a rough guide should help.

Don’t Take Everything

It might seem hard to consider right now, but when you get to your new home you are going to want fresh things. That isn’t to say that you should be throwing out your favorite mugs and cups, but rather ask yourself if you need to take certain objects with you and if you might be better off getting newer versions.

The same applies to some of the items you have collected over the years but no longer have a use for. You might want to consider hiring a skip, depending on how much stuff you have, and making the most of it by throwing out some of your belongings that don’t need to make the trip.

Feel “at home” quicker at the end of moving day with these tips.


Hire Professionals

If you were getting work done to your bathroom or electrics then you would hire someone with expertise so that nothing gets damaged. Well, the same should apply to the process of moving homes.

There are professional movers out there who are doing this sort of thing every day and you can make your transition between properties much easier by enlisting their help. So, to avoid getting to your new home and finding broken goods or missing items, bring in someone who knows what they are doing.

Visit First

Finally, before moving all of your worldly possessions into your new home you should pay a visit to the property. You will probably find that you will want to give it a bit of clean so take some materials with you and freshen it up ready for your move.

While at the new house make sure you take stock of the rooms and revert back to your planning stage to consider where you might be placing some of your stuff. Once again, being ahead of the game by knowing where stuff is going to go will make the whole move easier.

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