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Add More Character to Your Home in 3 Steps

No one wants their home to look exactly like it just came out of a catalog, and lacks all personality and individual connection to the life and experiences of the owner. At the same time, however, everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing home. You can believe that the homes that you see in catalogs are there for a reason.

There’s an interesting balance to strike here. Choose between the sort of home design templates that are visually appealing and popular. And the more personalized features of a home that can’t be bought in any showroom. These steps ensure you will convey “character” and a sense of real living personality to your space.

Here are just a few ways to add a bit more character to your home, so that it feels like a real living and breathing “home” rather than just “a place you live.”

Invest your cash in items designed for longevity

Generally speaking, home features that add character to your home will be those which are designed for longevity. Stone features such as those provided by a company like Allora USA, for example, and hardwood items can last for centuries, as opposed to the sort of plywood furniture that probably won’t last more than a couple of years.

Furniture, ornaments, and other belongings that can fill a home generally acquire their “character” by the fact that they have been around for a while. And, they are influenced, marked, and appreciated by their owners.

Family heirlooms, after all, are items that have acquired their value. That’s because they have lasted long enough that they have been passed down between the different generations of a family. Thus, they acquire a rich story and set of associated meanings.

Items that are designed for longevity are inevitably more expensive than those designed to last a relatively short period of time. When it comes to adding character to a home, however, there are some real benefits to saving up and investing in those long-lasting items, instead.

Try your hand at creating your own decorative arts and crafts

If you buy a particular poster or art print at your local home goods store in order to decorate your living room, it may be very visually appealing – but it will also be the case that a large number of other people will have the exact same decorative feature in their homes.

In order to make your home more “personalized” and to give it more “character,” why not try your hand at creating your own decorative arts and crafts that won’t be available anywhere else?

As an added bonus, painting, pottery, et cetera, can be very therapeutic and relaxing.

Express your hobbies and interested in the way you decorate your home

If you have particular hobbies and interests that mean a lot to you, include them! For example, use your creative hobbies and interests, rather than simply a matter of which commercial products you prefer consuming. Let those hobbies and interests shine through in the way you decorate your home.

Maybe you could mount a pair of your skis in the living room. Or you can take photos of your latest hike, have them printed, and frame them in the hallway. Find creative ways to utilize items that express your unique style.

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