Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Boo! Halloween is here. It's time to get your fright on! From severed limbs to ghoulish skeletons and ultra-scary costumes, Halloween is the time for fun, fright, and yeah, more fright. Forgive me, I'm excited about all the fright. But I bet your little one isn't. Most Halloween decorations and costumes, well, let's just say, … Continue reading Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

DIY Tick Repellent For Your Family Because Ticks Suck

Keeping a DIY tick repellent on hand for your family to use makes good sense because ticks suck. Literally. I'm saying these little buggers attach to your skin, use their tiny tick mouths to latch on, burrow into your skin, and suck the blood out of you. They are nasty critters. Their bites are painful and they cause disease. Therefore, applying repellent before you spend time outdoors in the summer is a must!

How to Attract Bats to Your Yard This Summer

Most of you probably clicked on this article just to be sure you correctly read the title and your eyes were not playing tricks on you. Well, thanks for clicking and yes, today we are going to find out to turn our yards into a bat-hive. "Why on earth would I want bats in my … Continue reading How to Attract Bats to Your Yard This Summer