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6 Ways to Place a Bed in Front of the Window

Deciding how to style your bedroom is a big decision given that you spend so much of your life in bed. It’s the room to rest after a long day and that peace can be shaken by thoughts of how exactly to place the bed. Obviously, it’s best to avoid blocking the window, but if the only place to put the bed is beneath it, then how exactly do you do for an attractive look?

These six ways to place your bed can provide the inspiration that you’ve been looking for when the only place the bed seems to go is against the window. The tips include how to ensure that your bed lines up in a balanced way for a pleasing bedroom that meets with feng shui principles.

1. Put Up Shutters

Consider putting up shutters that open from the top or bottom. Then position the slats upward to provide good chi energy by redirecting it rather than blocking it.

Shutters are an easy and effective way to control how much light comes into a room. Choose ones that flatter the shape of your window. Choices include full-height, just the lower part of the window, and tier-on-tier style.

Shutters come in a range of materials. They can be made of MDF, plastic, timber, or wood composite.

2. Headboard

Adding a headboard to the front of the bed is a great way to create a dramatic effect for the furniture. Be sure though that there’s space between the wall and the headboard so that chi energy can still be flowing through the room.

Most designers also say to allow enough space between the headboard and the window so that you can walk between it. That’s a functional strategy so that you can easily open the window and adjust the shutters.

As for what headboard to choose, use one that is made of sturdy material, given that it won’t be right up against the wall. This item can be artistic and a complementary shade to the rest of the room, making it a focal point.

Replacing your headboard? Don’t ditch the old one–upcycle it!

3. Update Windows

While you’re looking at room design, don’t neglect the addition of double pane home windows. They have two panes of glass with a small space between them, which creates an air pocket. This design slows both heat and cold transfer, preventing condensation and improving energy efficiency.

Get the latest designs and proper measurements, as well as a quote, from a trustworthy company. The goal is to create a high level of comfort in your bedroom.

Finally, clean the windows to let in more sunlight. The energy from natural light can wake you to all the world has to offer, according to feng shui principles.

4. Drapery Panels

Adding sheer drapery panels is a great way to let in light through your windows during the day while also adding a finishing look to the space. Using panels with a curtain rod that is higher than the window will help give the room a sense of height.

If it’s a small bedroom, that’s an important tip. A benefit of choosing sheer fabric is that it will fold easily, whereas heavy ones are stiffer to open and close.

As for the length of the fabric, pre-measure the wall height to make sure that they fall just to the floor or a half-inch above it. The look then is seamless and custom.

To make sure the light doesn’t come into the area before you’re ready to wake up, make sure you have shutters on the windows. Close them when going to sleep so that you won’t be woken by a dream unnaturally by daylight.

5. Build a Canopy

If you worry about putting the bed in front of a window, then go bigger than subtle to keep it from looking awkward. A dramatic look is one you can create with a canopy bed.

A budget-friendly way to turn a regular bed into a canopy one is to mount curtain rods to the ceiling and hang curtains from it. The DIY canopy bed is a straightforward way to transform your existing bed into one that’s the star of the bedroom.

If you don’t have cotton rods already, then how about using copper pipe instead? Get creative and have fun decorating this room!

6. Airy Bed Frame

Another tip is to choose a bed frame that you can see through or, in other words, is “airy.” A wrought iron bed frame is an example.

With this style, the sunlight can stream in from the window without being blocked as it would be with a fabric headboard. Keep the look of the room light by using white sheets and light paint colors for the walls.

A well-lit, bright room is part of following the feng shui principles. Also, declutter the room and add natural decor items to finish the light feel of the room.

For example, put a small bunch of flowers from the garden into a clear vase at the bedside table or a small group of candles. A mini birdcage is another fun piece for the room.

Final Words on Putting a Bed in Front of the Window

In a small bedroom or one with an awkward wall design, putting a bed in front of a window can’t be helped. While it’s not ideal as you want to be able to sit in bed and look outside at the view, sometimes placing it in front of a window is the only solution.

The suggestions above pair the bed and window well so that they look amazing rather than something you “had” to do. Lastly, keep the room as clean as possible to make it look more spacious than when it’s full of clutter, as well as regularly washing the sheets to help provide relief for allergy sufferers.

In addition to creating a bedroom that looks wonderful, it will bring you tranquility as it is designed to create good feng shui. Let life energy flow through your home and enjoy the peace that comes with it. Your home is a place to retreat – be thankful for it. 


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