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4 Clever Ways to Control Your Home from Your Phone

All you need from your smartphone is the ability to make and receive calls and messages, right? That was true once upon a time. Nowadays, a mobile device is more than a portable machine that lets you keep in touch with friends and family. It’s a means to control your home.

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Yes, we live in an age where houses aren’t dumb; they are incredibly smart. So, the right features can adjust settings, connect to the internet and interact with one another without the need for a human person. As long as the phone is utilized correctly, all this can happen remotely.

Here are four areas where you can apply smart technologies to control your home.


4 Clever Ways to Control Your Home from Your Phone

Temperature Regulation

How often do you get home and wish you had messed around with the thermostat? In the summer and winter, it’s almost always as the house can do with being hotter or cooler. Having to stand by the boiler and make a change manually is uncomfortable as it takes a while for the new settings to kick in. A smart thermostat means there is no reason to waste money or feel hot and stick, or cool and chilly, ever again. Resources such as Hive and Nest connect to the wifi and let you control the temp through an app. Click here to find out more about the pros and cons.

Control Your Home Safety And Security

You’re not home and the house is vulnerable. It doesn’t matter how hard you try and disguise the fact because burglars can tell. Once they target a property, the homeowner has to act quickly to ensure the thieves understand they are taking a risk. Security cameras are the perfect illustration as motion sensors pick up on movement and report it to an app on your phone. You can either call the police straight away or speak to the intruders personally via a speaker. Smart key technology also means you can secure the home even when you forget.

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Scent Dispersion

While out and about, you meet someone and want to invite them back to the house. The problem is the mess. You haven’t cleaned and don’t want to come across as a slob. Clutter is one thing yet the smell is another entirely. It’s impossible to eliminate bad odors in a short space, which is where cold-air diffusion tech comes into play. Click here for a detailed explanation. The gist is straightforward: connect an air freshener to your phone via Bluetooth and you manage the release of particles. So, it shouldn’t matter how your house smells when you meet someone.

Remote Ignition

There are plenty of apps which allow you to turn on the car’s ignition without the keys. Find out more by following the link. The key thing to remember is that it’s possible and it’s worth considering. Why? It’s because of the climate. During the summer, the temperatures get hot even in the morning, making the car sticky and close. Turning on the engine allows you to pump out cool air to avoid sweating on the way to work. In the winter, you can do the opposite to stay warm.

How do you control your home from your phone?

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