Worldwide Furniture Styles: An Infographic

If you plan on remodeling your home soon and you’re undecided on a style or color pattern, here is an infographic from Jarrimber which traverses the globe to pick out a few popular styles from all corners of the world. Whether you want to go with something that seems to fit the structure of your home ideally or follow your heart and adopt the style you love most, this infographic offers plenty of choice for you, along with some insight into each of the furniture styles featured.

If you’re a traditionalist and you like to have a retro feel about your home, a floral Dutch style could be well suited to you. With vivid tapestries, bright sculptures, high-backed chairs, and old-style furniture carvings, adopting a Dutch style allows your home to achieve a quaint, timeless sense. Floral patterns too are abundant in Dutch-style interiors, especially on ornaments and wall pieces.

If you’re going for something more modern, though, why not go Scandinavian? Scandi décor is renowned for being rather minimalist, with plenty of white space and a relative sparsity of decorative pieces. While an abundance of white might seem boring, the Scandi look is almost certain to give your home a sleek, modern appearance.

Let’s say you want to strike a real chord with people and opt for a distinctive design. You could try for an Indian vibe where rich, warm reddish colors are unmistakable. Along with in-laid furniture items, this look creates the impression that you’ve stepped into a plush hotel room. It’s certainly a style that will make you feel all warm inside!

Check out the infographic in full below to read more about these and several other furniture styles – you might just occur upon the one that makes you stop and say “Wow, I need that!”

worldwide furniture
Be inspired by the world when choosing furniture for your home.

Thanks to our friends at Jarrimber for this contribution!



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