How Often Should I Clean That?

How Often Should I Clean That? is the title of an infographic that a new friend recently shared with me.

I’m one of the few people who admit to actually liking to clean. Some people think that makes me just a touch of crazy. However, I love the process of taking something that’s dirty, spending a few moments giving it some attention, and having the gratification that I made some kind of improvement. I guess that’s why I love baking, cooking and DIY projects so much, as well.


Cleaning. It’s a chore and not a delight for most. This infographic breaks down common household chores and tells you how often you should tackle each project. From changing bed linens to disinfecting mattresses to cleaning ceiling fans, this infographic has all the information you need on how often you should complete household chores.

I hope you’ll find this infographic very helpful. I often hear friends say that they don’t have the time to clean. To be honest, as much as I love cleaning, I frequently find myself too busy to keep up with it myself! It’s so easy to lose track of time and the next thing you know you have a huge mess on your hands.

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, or already in progress, for most of us! The timing is right to take this info and move forward after spring cleaning by committing to keeping up with these chores. Keeping a schedule will make it easier to keep the entire home clean.

In addition, remember that cleaning is a great way to shred calories. That’s super-helpful for those of us here in Eastern North Carolina as we do love going to the beach as often as our busy schedules permit.

So take a look, and please do enjoy the infographic. Thanks to Kat at HappyCleans for sharing this!

how often should I clean that?
Post shared to DIY Home & Garden by my friend Kat from HappyCleans    

3 thoughts on “How Often Should I Clean That?

  1. Hi. How are you? I just read this and had to chuckle as I am not the only one that likes to clean. I look forward to having everyone leave for a couple of hours, so I can do a deep cleaning. Otherwise I am told that I am OCD. I enjoy reading your posts.


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