Home Decor Trend: Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year is “Oceanside”

Take a plunge into a pool of deep blue in 2018! Sherwin-Williams recently announced that their 2018 color of the year is “Oceanside.” This rich blue is saturated with tones of green that make this gorgeous color easy to use in any room of the home.

It’s not quite a peacock blue, but not quite a mermaid blue. It’s somewhere perfectly in between!

Not sure if you’re quite ready to take the plunge into this pool of blue? Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate it into your home decor.


If you love the look of intense blue, treat your visitors to a grand statement in Oceanside. Here are a couple of front doors done to perfection in this color.

Oceanside also perfectly pops against other neutrals. | Photo Credit: Zillow
A front door in “Oceanside” makes a splash against a classic white exterior. | Photo Credit: Pinterest



If you’re not quite as brave with color, try painting a select piece or two of furniture in Oceanside. It works great with all neutral colors and makes a big, bold, blue statement!

An armoire repainted in Oceanside is elegant and stylish. | Photo Credit: OMG Lifestyle
A dresser done refinished in Oceanside is repurposed as a sofa table for great visual impact. | Photo Credit: Pinterest




Blue is a color that helps people relax, dream, focus, and plan. There’s no place that a little calm planning can’t help more than a home office, is there?

From built-in cabinetry to wainscoting to the fireplace, this home office gets a royal blue treatment. | Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams
This office is submerged in “Oceanside” with dazzling effect! | Photo Credit: Realtor.com


Make an accent wall in any room of the home. Featuring “Oceanside” will keep you on trend. Making it a focal point will give it a cutting-edge look that’s easy to paint over in the future!

This accent wall makes a stand-out statement of color. | Photo Credit: Doris Leslie Blau
The crib of this nursery is against an accent wall in Oceanside. | Photo Credit: Life As A Thrifter


Kitchen cabinets have function with a stylish flair when you paint them in Oceanside.

These kitchen cabinets have a high-end look. | Photo Credit: Kitchen Studio of Naples

Whether you want to go bold and paint your whole room in Oceanside, or create unique furnishings or accent walls, give it a go! This blue will lend a look that is both rich yet soft.  It’s dreamy yet bold. You get the idea…

Give Oceanside a try and you’ll be on top of one of 2018 hottest home trends!

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