5 Smart Ways To Upcycle An Old Microwave Cart Into A Child’s Toy

microwave cart upcycled into kitchen set

You probably have an outdated laminate microwave cart somewhere around your house. Once an inexpensive, popular solution, they fell out of favor as above-the-range microwave oven installations replace those old freestanding models.

Once you learn the basic technique of how to repaint laminate furniture, you can transform it into anything you can imagine. Your former ugly furniture can become a great piece in a child’s playroom. It takes thinking a little outside of the box, but the rewards will be great when your child’s face lights up!

Check your basement, attic, or storage shed for an old microwave cart. Turn on the imagination. Here are 5 smart upcycle ideas to put that microwave cart back to good use as a child’s toy.


It looks like these young ladies know how to beat the heat and get their side hustle going at the same time!

Mom repainted this microwave cart with chalk paint so that the girls can properly display their goods, turned the back of the cart towards the customer so that they can show their lemonade price. A simple canopy provides shade.

I bet these cuties are seeing brisk sales! Who can resist lemonade? Not me.

upcycled microwave cart
Old microwave cart transformed into a child’s lemonade stand. (pinterest.com)


One smart parent transformed their old microwave cart into a pretend workbench for their child. They painted in gray to simulate Dad’s stainless steel and even attached a peg board for this young man or lady to hang tools on. Now that’s how you train up a future DIY warrior!

little boy's DIY workbench
Laminate microwave cart upcycled into a little boy’s workbench for hours of play time. (pinterest.com)


Young girls and boys alike love to play with puppets! Encourage this imagination while they are young and uninhibited. Puppet play helps young children learn to process their feelings, solve problems, and teaches social skills.

Mom or Dad turned the microwave cart so that the back faces to the audience and painted it simply in black. There are shelves to store puppets behind the scenes facing the child. An addition of a simple frame and curtains complete a charming puppet theater that’s sure to get hours of use.

upcycled microwave cart
Microwave cart upcycled into a puppet theater. (pinterest.com)


Kids love kitchen sets. They all want to help Mommy, and how better than to help her cook? Now they can safely “cook” in their own sub-compact kitchen. By the way, have you priced the store-purchased kitchen sets lately? Make your own for more charm and to keep your wallet fuller!

All kitchens need storage and this one’s no different! This kitchen is painted a soft green. Hooks on the side hold an apron or potholders. Cut a hole in the top and insert a stainless steel bowl with a rim as a sink. Add some simple knobs (pick them up at yard sales) and paint on the stove top.  Apply acrylic sealer to your paint to keep the painted on parts from fading.

microwave cart upcycled into kitchen set
Outdated microwave cart upcycled into child’s pretend kitchen set. (pinterest.com)


After all that playing, children also need time to just relax! Well…maybe they don’t but Mom needs them to!  Right, ladies?

Give them some quiet play time by providing them with a media center. You can store books, a dvd player and small tv, videos on a re-finished microwave cart in a small corner of their playroom.

Paint the microwave cart in your child’s favorite color. You can remove the backer board to give it look more media center than microwave cart. Stock it with books and a lamp or a tv and dvd player.  This quiet time helps children learn how to entertain themselves. And that’s a lesson you definitely want them to know!

upcycle microwave cart
Microwave cart upcycled into a small bookcase (pinterest.com)

When you’re thinking about upcycling a piece, don’t forget to include the littlest members of your home! They love new toys just as much as Mom. The fact that you built if just for them will make them treasure it even more.

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