Upcycled vs Recycled

The upcycled vs recycled debate is a long and ongoing one. Staunch supporters of each feel one is more beneficial to the environment than the other. If you love debates and are at the moment, rubbing your hands in glee at an opportunity to contribute your own quota to this controversial topic, err....sorry to disappoint … Continue reading Upcycled vs Recycled

5 Unique DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

Gardening in a small apartment might seem impossible and downright disheartening for those of us who love getting our hands dirty and seeing nature bloom around us. However, there have been recent ideas, techniques and suggestions from gardeners and agricultural experts on various ways to garden in a small space, with vertical gardening being the … Continue reading 5 Unique DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

Upcycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Garden Tools

I love that I can upcycle plastic bottles into useful garden tools; here I show you how to take 5 plastic bottles and make 7 useful gardening tools out of them. I love recycling and try to upcycle anything that's useful. There are a lot of reasons that I choose to upcycle my plastic bottles. … Continue reading Upcycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Garden Tools