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Join DIY Home & Garden’s Pinterest Group Board!

Have you wanted to join a group board on Pinterest? I tried, but all the group boards featuring strong DIY content were closed to new community members. The few group boards that were accepting new members? Blah. The content was outdated, the Pins were not of curated quality, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Therefore, over the past few months, I’ve been studying Pinterest. I’ve learned the fine points and ins and outs of successful pinning. What I have learned is that DIY pins are highly sought after. My best pins each have hundreds of thousands of views! In fact, many of you reading this page right now follow me on Pinterest. I appreciate your support.

Because of this great interest in pinning DIY projects, recipes, and gardening how-to’s, I thought it would be fun if we could have our own community group board on Pinterest. Again, I studied how to make this happen. I looked at other groups “community rules” and checked in with Pinterest to see what to do.

The result is “The How To Crew” group board. Here, you can join me in pinning your favorite instructional home and garden DIY projects. All pins must be DIY related. We want a curated board, not a hot mess (like some of the new boards that I passed up on!)

“How To Crew” Pinterest Group Board Guidelines:

  • Please submit only “rich” pins or those with text overlays. IE: a photo with a caption only is not permitted. Take time to create a beautiful pin. If you need photo editing, sign up for a free account with PicMonkey (I use them, they’re the bomb!)
  • We need to grow the community by sharing the good pins. Therefore, when you post one of your own pins to the group board, choose a pin you love from another community member to share to one of your own personal boards.
  • Use hashtags in the pin descriptions. Please be sure to include the hashtag “howtocrew” in order to keep the group organized and pins easy to locate.
  • I hate to say this (because I really think we all get this), but please pin only pins that are tasteful, free of inappropriate images and language. I don’t want the board to get reported and shut down!
  • Only pins DIY “How To” pins will be permitted on the board. Acceptable topics include DIY projects, recipes, furniture restoration, upcycling, garden topics, etc. Remember if it isn’t relevant it will be deleted.
  • Your titles do not need to spell out the phrase “how to.” However, every pin should be well-curated DIY content.
  • You can pins that you didn’t create if they are relevant how to pins.  If you think a how-to pin fits with the board, pin away! Remember, you need to pin another group member’s pin to a personal board on your own Pinterest.
  • Do you need to be a blogger to join? Heck, no! While Pinterest does drive readership, anyone who loves DIY content can Pin with us.
  • Keep in mind that this is a social but fun method to curate high-quality pins. Let’s build a strong DIY community of pinners who want curated, quality content.

The Benefits of Joining a Pinterest Group

  • You will find relevant, quality pins on the content of your choice.
  • Increase your own followers on Pinterest or your blog.
  • Find followers who are engaged pinners and will share your pins.
  • As your followers increase, your pins will gain wider exposure through repinning.
  • You’ll find a group of like-minded people who love the same things that you do.
  • It’s a fun and social way to spend time.

How to Join The How to Crew Pinterest Group

You can join The How to Crew by invite only. You can request to join the board on Pinterest or complete the form below. If you opt to complete the form, I will send you an invite via Pinterest. Make sure you give the email address connected to your Pinterest account! You accept and you are ready to pin.

I am not using this information to spam you. I’m trying to offer you an easy way to reach out and join us. I hate spam, too!


pinterest group board

We hope to see you over on Pinterest!