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Mentally Strong Person: A 20 Sign Avatar of Personal Strength and Character

In a world that moves too fast, we all know one person—unflappable, poised, and rational. This person exudes personal strength and seems to read the room, instinctively responding favorably in almost every situation. What you witness here is a mentally strong person.

Psych Central notes that the term mentally strong describes this:

“…the ability to perceive reality for what it really is, and then manage your emotions about those observations in a healthy, productive manner.”

darius cikanavicius |Author | Psych central

Additionally, the author notes how people who exhibit personal strength do so in ways you cannot see. They also reveal their character by how they interact with the world and others.

We rounded up twenty observable behaviors that best illustrate an avatar of mental strength.

The Avatar of a Mentally Strong Person (20 Key Traits of Personal Strength)

  1. A mentally strong person understands that disappointment is part of life. Because they accept this reality, they let go and move on to better things.
  2. They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves if they don’t get their way.
  3. A person with personal strength views failures as learning opportunities. They grow with the experience and do better the next time.
  4. People with mental strength willingly accept new challenges. In fact, they see a chance to expand and grow instead of a hurdle to clear.
  5. A mentally strong person will not expend time or energy on things beyond their control. They are wise enough to know the difference between controllable and uncontrollable situations.
  6. They establish predictable daily routines. Thus, they minimize stressful disruptions and distractions.
  7. But they are flexible enough to make exceptions to those plans when a critical need arises.
  8. A mentally strong person is bold enough to advocate for those who cannot speak up for themselves.
  9. They use empathy to understand others’ points of view and gain insight before judging others.
  10. A person with personal strength trusts their intuition, or gut instinct, without second-guessing it. They know these alarm bells come from experience.
  11. They actively listen when other people speak, even if they disagree with their perspectives.
  12. A mentally strong person knows they must take calculated risks to improve.
  13. Nurturing personal strength means taking time out to relax each day—even if it is only for ten minutes.
  14. They are of good character and take time to perform small acts or gestures of kindness to others. For example, they are quick to hold a door open for another. Or they offer to help an older adult manage their grocery bags.
  15. Mentally strong people refuse to be jealous of others. They will celebrate success in anyone’s life and be genuinely happy for them.
  16. They solve problems proactively, derailing issues before they escalate.
  17. Someone with great personal strength forges healthy relationships.
  18. But they also recognize when it’s time to let go of a negative person.
  19. The mentally strong person sets personal boundaries, recognizing that they need limits and time to care for themself.
  20. Strong people engage in prayerful self-reflection. They thank God for successful outcomes. They also look to Him for future strength and guidance.

How to Become a Mentally Strong (er) Person

You probably recognize a few of these character traits in yourself by reading this list. But how do you grow? Here are some tips for building good habits to make these character traits part of your life.

  • Be mindful of opportunities to build mental strength.
  • Take care of yourself. Even an extra-long shower or five minutes of listening to your favorite podcast can restore your energy.
  • Become an active listener, engaging with people. Restate what they tell you and ask questions before making snap decisions or responding.
  • Set boundaries by politely telling other people, “No, thank you.” In fact, you do not owe them an explanation.
  • Perform one act of kindness for someone each day. Indeed, the positive response you receive will encourage you to continue this growth journey.
  • Congratulate others when they achieve a good outcome.
  • Check in with a friend in need without expecting anything in return.
  • Permit yourself a pat on the back without boasting about your accomplishment.
mentally strong person quote

The Takeaway: You Are a Mentally Strong Person. You Just Haven’t Tapped Into Your Personal Strength Yet.

So start viewing yourself as a mentally strong person. Right now. Today.

To release the strong person buried inside, be aware of the critical traits of personal strength. Study them, learn them, and really understand them. Then, you can emulate that strength by changing your habits and sharing that power with the world.

Buried inside, you are mentally strong already. So now you must dig into your hidden strength and release it.

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