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Create a Fabulous Foyer to Greet Your Family and Friends

Often a gathering place for clutter, stinky gym shoes, and backpacks, the foyer is also the first impression a visitor gets upon entering your home. Create a fabulous foyer to greet your family and friends and give your visitors the warm welcome they deserve!

TIP ONE: Create the First Impression From The Outside, In

First, create that welcoming first impression on the outside of your door. Consider a fresh coat of paint if the paint is chipped, cracked, or faded. Inspect not only the front door, but the casings, trim work, and hardware.

Painting your front door a color that adds a dashing dose of personality adds attention-grabbing detail. A pop of tasteful color here goes a really long way. Freshening up the door casing and trim with a fresh coat of white paint really makes that door color outstanding!


foyer ideas diy paint front door
In fact, the diy front door makeover is an opportunity to add vibrant color to the exterior of your home. |Photo:

Also, look at the door hardware. Does the doorknob look chipped? Is the kickplate scratched up? Replace them, it’s cheap and it adds a ton of style and curb appeal!

TIP TWO: Clear Out the Clutter!

The foyer is one of the most cluttered locations in the home! You come in the door and there you drop the mail…including the junk mail that piles up. The kiddos come in and pull off their shoes…and never, ever put them away. Oh, and they may pull off a sock and be too lazy to put it back on. Coats get dropped on the floor with the intention of hanging them up later (which never happens).

It seems like many new homes no longer include a “hall closet” in the floor plan. And those that do are so tiny that they barely count. In fact, they end up the place to store the vacuum and don’t have space for many coats or shoes.
The result is a cluttered and haphazard mess. In fact, it may even embarrass you when unexpected company shows up!

Conquer the clutter. Install a charming shelving rack system that gives every person their own storage space. Start working with the entire family, including you, to break the habit of leaving everything dropped in this space!
You can create a more formal foyer with a furniture piece to achieve this goal.
Or, you can do a very casual, fun look like creating storage from an upcycled locker:
Remove the doors of a locker to create a instant foyer storage. | Photo: 

TIP THREE: Bench Them!

Give visitors, friends, and family members a place to neatly remove their shoes. A small bench is a necessity that will prevent the inevitable kicking off of the shoes and fling them into the foyer wall.

fabulous foyer
Photo via Pinterest.

You can move a bench, small stool, or chair from another room. But to get more storage space, consider a sturdy storage bench instead. These can have drawers, a hinged lid, or open cubbies. But the important thing is to get that extra storage space!

TIP FOUR: Add Color to the Foyer

Don’t leave your foyer a bland contractor-grade eggshell. Give it a splash of color that will warm your visitors and give personality to the space. Whether you prefer blues, greens, or yellows, choose something that puts your personal stamp on the space.

TIP FIVE: Add Accessories

Keep foyer accessories to a minimum to avoid that cluttered look that you’re trying to stamp out!

A couple of must-have accessories for the foyer are a pretty mirror. It adds brightness to the foyer as it reflects light and makes it feel larger. But most importantly, it allows you the place to check to make sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth right before you head into the world!

A rack to hold your mail and keys will keep you organized. Just remember to toss that junk mail as it comes in!

If you have a large enough foyer, a small accent table with a decorative piece or a vase of flowers is a lovely and thoughtful touch. Of course, you may also want to hang a family photo or two!

Remember, the foyer is that place where your visitors enter. If your foyer’s cluttered and drab, they may feel unwelcome or as if they are disturbing you. Give them the first impression that you are welcoming them and treasure the time they spend in your home.

Have a happy DIY day!

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