5 Scary Signs of Unsafe Pool Decking


According to a pool remodeling company in Dallas, relaxing out by your pool you may look at your weathered decking and wonder if it will hold up for another season. And while nobody wants to think about deck replacement because of how much it costs, eventually you must do it for the sake of the aesthetic quality of your backyard and the safety of those using your pool.

So, the next time you’re lounging in your backyard, take a minute and evaluate your outdoor space and ask if it’s time to invest in a new pool decking.

In this article, we show you what to look out for that point to needing to replace your pool’s deck.

Unsafe Railings

Railings that are loose when you grab onto them not only signify it’s time to upgrade your pool decking but that you have a risky situation and an accident waiting to happen. If you want a temporary solution, you can secure it with new fasteners, however, don’t rely on this for long and plan now to get new equipment.

Rotten Foundation

Many new pool decks are constructed with concrete footings which stop moisture from getting into the base, but old decks (especially wood) weren’t made this way and can rot when water gets in. Once the foundation decays, it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.

Loose Boards

Over time, the weather takes a toll on your deck boards causing them to become loose, which is unsafe for your family and guests. Most deck panels are fastened to a rim joist or ledger and will pull away from their binds as they wear out. This needs to be fixed quickly because it puts those using your pool at risk for injury.

Structure Damage

The weather and age also take their toll on your deck’s frame, which can cause it to sag. Also, sagging opens up cracks which are an invitation to termites, speeding up the deterioration of your deck. If you see rotting around the edges of your deck or the surface feels spongy, plan now to replace your deck.

Ledger Boards That Become Disconnected

The deck’s ledger boards are essential to the foundation of your deck as they safely attach it to the side of your home. As your deck ages, and undergoes the brunt of Mother Nature’s wreath, these boards deteriorate, which compromises the entire deck by creating a situation in which it could detach from your house.

One of the best ways to avoid these deck problems is to maintain your pool deck with regular inspections and repairs every season. Fix little problems before they become big ones, and you’ll ensure your decking lasts as long as possible. And, while no one likes the thought of getting a new deck because of the cost and hassle involved, eventually age and weather take their toll, and you can’t avoid it any longer.

Remember, a deteriorating deck isn’t just unsightly, it’s unsafe and can injure people using your pool.

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