Give Your Patio a Different Look in Just One Weekend

Tired of the same old, same old appearance of your patio? If yes, this is your chance to add a little bit of pizzazz and charm and make that space inviting to both you and your guests. Hiring expert landscapers and designers to revamp your patio would definitely be cool and give you great, professional results. But come on, don’t you want to look at your patio with a bit of pride (yeah, I said that) and be able to say proudly: “I did this myself!”?

If you were motivated by my little pep talk, then hop on board as we check out fun ideas to give your patio a totally new outlook. Oh, I promise it’s fun and inexpensive. What’s better? You can do it within a short period of time.

  • Paint an outdoor rug by yourself

Have you always wanted bright splashes of color on your patio floor but changed your mind once you discovered how expensive colorful rugs are? Well, this is a chance to make your dreams come true. Get a simple indoor or outdoor rug, latex paint(s) in whatever color you desire, your painting kit (brushes and rollers) and get a-painting. If you want to be even more creative, get throw pillows and do the same for them. And that’s it: you are your very own ‘exterior’ decorator. Satisfying eh?

Patio before the Painting Saga | Credit: Checking in with Chelsea (
Painted Outdoor Rug | Credit: Checking in with Chelsea (

For an in-depth tutorial and creative painting methods, you can check out Chelsea’s blog.

  • Go quirky with drums, cans and tins

I bet you have old oil drums, pickle cans or empty tins lying unused. With less than a bucketful of paint, you can upcycle these containers into eye-catching planters in your patio. Clean out the drums and create sufficient drainage holes. Paint the exteriors in different color shades and leave them to dry. Once they are fully dried, fill them up with good fertile soil and plant whatever you want: flowers for an appealing homey-look, small trees or bamboo plants for a more dramatic appeal.

Garden Containers
Painted oil drums | Credit: Mirror (

If there is a window adjoining the patio, repeat the same process for empty pickle cans and used tins, and place them on the window sill.

  • Build a fence

I’m sure our enthusiastic DIY readers are cackling with glee at this suggestion. If you do relish the process of building stuffs with your hands, you would enjoy this opportunity to create a decorative fence for your patio. The idea would work even better when you have a raised patio, as evidenced in this tutorial.

patio fence
Fenced Patio | Credit: HGTV (

Having a fence gives your house kerb appeal, creates boundaries and gives you an air of mystery and secrecy.

  • Wash your patio

So you’re probably thinking: “This is not a valid idea, come on!” Err.. actually it is. When last did you thoroughly wash your patio? I bet it’s been a while. Remember how when you thoroughly cleaned and rearranged your room, it looked very different? The same applies to outdoor areas like your patio. So, clear out the furniture and every knickknacks,  get your detergent, brooms and pressure washers and make that patio look sparkling new once again. You would be glad you did.

pressure washing
Wash that Patio! | Credit: All Clean Window Cleaning (

Patio makeovers are a great way to spend the weekend, if I do say so myself. I hope these ideas got the wheels in your brain turning and your creative juices flowing. If so, well, the weekend is almost upon us. What are you waiting for? Start making plans already!


2 thoughts on “Give Your Patio a Different Look in Just One Weekend

  1. Really good for people out there! I’ve found out it always helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing.
    But I have a question. Which detergent i will use with pressure washer to wash my garden furniture


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