Move Over Honey, Make Room For My She-Shed

If you love DIY projects as much as I do, you probably often wish for a She-Shed.  This is a space where you can escape to for completing your projects in peace and quiet. This means away from the Hubby and kids. The She-Shed is the perfect place where you can sip a glass of wine, enjoy a visit with your neighbors, work on planting flowers, create crafts, or even sit back with your tablet and surf the web.  Move over boys and make room for the She-Shed!

A quick perusal of the She Shed topic on Pinterest will show you that there are literally hundreds of She-Shed ideas floating around cyberspace. You will find them from very high-end units with heating/air, daybeds for napping, and winde fridges. Also, you will find workspaces specially geared to your crafts and gardening projects with tool storage, a work counter, and comfy seating.

Whichever you prefer, the She-Shed is a place for you! The entire point is to escape and enjoy your time.

The images that I’m sharing here are my ideal She-Sheds. These are She-Sheds that I used as inspiration for my own She-Shed (photos will follow when I finish the project). Because I love gardening, furniture refinishing, and landscaping projects, I want a space where the tool bench accomodates my little 5’2″ height. I envision a place that is outdoorsy and organic. The opulent She-Shed is appealing to many, but it’s just not for this Bertie County girl.

Take a look at a few of the She-Sheds that inspire me.

She-Shed She Shed
A perfect She Shed has pace for potting plants and craft projects. Great for completing all those Pinterest projects! (
Bright Green She Shed
Bright colors, like Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, will color your She Shed beautiful! (
Rustic She Shed with Ample Storage Space
In addition, the She Shed should have great storage space and shelving. In my opinion, you can’t ever go wrong with Tiffany Blue! (
Although I don’t have a tons of space for my She Shed, this tiny gem proves that efficiency is the key! (
Ladies, don’t you agree that I need to add charming and rustic accessories like these to my She Shed? (

My She Shed is currently a work in progress. It was started by clearing my husband’s scrap wood pile out from under our lean-to, clearing the cobwebs, and removing old wasps nests.  It will shape up in the next few days. Once finished, I will share my own photos for inspiration.

So, ladies, tell your husbands to make room for you. Mama wants a She Shed!

One thought on “Move Over Honey, Make Room For My She-Shed

  1. I knew when I retired that I needed a She Shed (although I prefer the term Lady Cottage) as part of my new potager. It is a total delight. I am taking my time doing the interior, (thinking I need to add that wine cooler) but have found it to be functional and comfortable. Do make it big enough to sit inside…perfect on days too rainy to garden, but to sip tea, read, and dream. Will look forward to your photos.


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