Work With DIY Home & Garden

Do you want to work with DIY Home & Garden? We offer the opportunity for you to advertise with us in a couple of ways.

Work with DIY Home & Garden

Advertising Space

First, we offer advertising space in the blog header or in the sidebar. Cost is per month, for the entire month from the 1st to the last day of the month. Ads don’t rotate but remain in a fixed position throughout the month. Discounts are available if you do reserve multiple months.

Ad space is paid in advance via PayPal.

Sponsored Guest Blog Posts

We accept sponsored guest blog posts. Each guest post includes two do-follow backlinks, a social media post to our over 7500 online followers, and a custom-created Pinterest pin to promote your post on our very active Pinterest account.

Specialty Foods

Are you in a specialty food industry? Do you want to have your home-grown peanuts featured in a recipe for a cheeseball? Or, would you like your spice mix used in a sandwich spread? Regardless of what food industry you serve, we are game to cook up a fantastic new dish featuring your product. Send us a sample of the product, and let our creative juices flow for you.

The recipe will be shared on DIY Home & Garden and sent out across our social channels. This will make shareable content for our followers and spread the word about your product.

Next Steps…

Reach out to us via the contact form below to get the ball rolling.