Home Canned Banana Peppers in Under 60 Minutes

A co-worker came to work last week with an abundance of banana peppers from her garden. While it's not a huge batch, it was enough for me to fire up the stove and fix a batch of home canned banana peppers.

Southwestern Bean Salad

Southwestern Bean Salad is a recipe I came up with on a moment's notice. It was prompted by necessity. We received a last minute invitation to a cookout with some friends.

How To Freeze Sweet Corn Without It Getting Mushy!

Today's post is all about how to freeze sweet corn without it getting mushy when you serve it. There's nothing better in the dead of winter than corn that was picked fresh and frozen quickly. It practically bursts with the flavors of summer. On the other hand, there's nothing worse than badly frozen corn.

Oven Dehydrating Jalapeno Peppers An Easy Way To Preserve

Oven dehydrating jalapeno peppers is a quick, easy way to preserve them. When you use this method, the jalapenos hold their famous sweet heat flavor so that you can use them all winter. They only take a few minutes to prep to dry. Once you have finished prepping them and have put them in the oven, they take care of themselves and just need to be checked occasionally.

Primanti Bros Pittsburgh’s Most Famous Cole Slaw

As a relocated Yankee living in the south, I sometimes miss being able to order Pittsburgh's most famous cole slaw. You can get this very special slaw only at Primanti Bros. restaurants. They build sandwiches that are piled high with fresh meats, french fries, and they top it all off with this style of cole … Continue reading Primanti Bros Pittsburgh’s Most Famous Cole Slaw

Cherry Tomato Salsa: Salsa Made From The Bounty of Early Summer

One of the tastiest ways to use the tiny but tasty cherry tomato is to make a bowl of cherry tomato salsa. My garden is slamming right now. I'm getting about a pint of cherry tomatoes each day along with jalapenos and cilantro.

Quick And Easy Recipe: Spaetzle Made With Garden Fresh Herbs

As my garden progresses, I'm always trying to use up herbs; Spaetzle made with garden fresh herbs is a fantastic recipe. It's a quick, easy side dish that gives you home-cooked noodles in just minutes. Re-think spaetzle...it's not just a heavy winter dish. The herbs give it a light, bright flavor.

Carne Asada at its Simplest and Finest

I once had one friend ask me for a good recipe for a marinade sauce to prepare meat in order to make carne asada in a true Mexican style. I was a little shocked by his question because where I come from, they meat doesn't need anything else than the heat from red hot mesquite charcoal and some salt.

Savory Garden Marinara For A Hot Summer Night

This Savory Garden Marinara is the perfect dinner to fix on a hot summer night.  It has been an extremely hot past couple of weeks here in North Carolina.  And I mean too hot to even think about grilling outside. In fact, the temperature has been about 100 degrees for the past two consecutive weeks. … Continue reading Savory Garden Marinara For A Hot Summer Night