How to Create an English Snug in Your Home

English snug

Let’s start by delving into what exactly an English snug is and why this idea from across the pond is what our homes might be missing.

The term ‘snug’ is a concept for a room derived from England requiring a few elements highlighted in this article to fit the title.

A few essentials that are part of the spec are; small room, which oozes warmth and coziness, a snuggly room if you will. It’s a place in your home you can retreat to solely for comfort when other areas of your home may be oversized, bombarded with other functions creating the inability for you to relax, or the interior has been designed to suit a purpose other than your comfort.

The purpose of the snug is to create a location in your home essential for activities like naps, cozying up by the fire, reading a book, sipping a hot chocolate or glass of wine, it’s a room for intimate chats with your closest, and last but not least comfort after a hard day at work.

If you’re wondering how you can create this snug, scooch on down below to view a few easy to apply tips.


The presence or illusion of fire gives an instant warm feeling to any room, which is a particularly important point for helping to create your snug.

English snug
One must-have for your English snug–a fire element.

When you think of fire, you may veer in the direction of visioning a blazing open fireplace, and although this is great if your budget will allow it, there are other more cost-effective alternatives. Such as an electric stove fire to simply planting candles around the room.

So light the fire and let the snugness begin.


Embrace warm colors and veer away from any cold and harsh tones. You may opt for a warm taupe shade, a daring orange feature wall, or for the adventurous among you even tackle creating your own brick wall-effect to bring a rustic touch to your snug.

Warm colors should be reflected on your walls, flooring, and furnishings too, such as an oak wood floor, or a cream carpet to snuggle your toes into. The key is to look for colors that make you feel comfortable and happy.


Prevent deciding on furniture sets and mix it up with different mismatched pieces (if you wish), that inspire the feeling of warmth and even sentiment for you.

You may find a detailed mahogany side table in a local Goodwill store that you fell in love with, or put to use the coffee table your great grandmother passed onto you.

The furniture you choose should create positive, happy feelings and compliment your chosen decor but also suit your snugs activities. For instance for gamers and avid readers browse for oversized quality bean bags that mold around you while you’re engaged in a good book or creating a simulated world online.

Sentimental Ornaments

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a home for your eclectic collection of sentimental gifts given to you by friends, partners, and children.

For example, where you should put your children’s prize-winning painting or a unique ornament you’ve treasured since you were a child? Your snug, that’s where!

Here you can revel in nostalgia, as these pieces tie hand in hand with offsetting the perfect balance between style and homeiness of a snug room to make you feel warm, protected and happy.

When designing your snug fortress stay in tune with what colors, furnishings, and items bring you warmth and happiness opposed to resting your design on what other peoples snugs look like.

This way you will design a room that’s perfect for you, to help you re-energize, take refuge, and unwind at the end of a long day.

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