A New Twist on Recipes

As some have reached out to me and noticed, I have not written or shared any recipes recently here on DIY Home & Garden.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, I have decided to keep the main emphasis of this blog on the Home, DIY, and Garden that the name implies. Simple enough.

DIY Home & Garden logo
DIY Home & Garden logo

Second, and more exciting, is the fact that I have committed to a new way of eating–and have lost 15.6 pounds in my first five weeks.

As some of you might recall, I tried Weight Watchers last year and shared some reduced-fat recipes. I lost about 14 pounds. However, because I am so rural, the closest in-person group is 45 minutes to an hour away, and I found that I could not stick with the online-only program.

The problem was, I lied to the app when I got on the scale.

Yep, I need the lady at the WW studio to weigh me in so I don’t cheat! Hey, takes an overall honest person to admit that, right?

The Weight Watchers recipes I shared on this site fell flat with regular readers; while they went crazy on Pinterest, they didn’t draw site traffic. Without traffic, I don’t have the sponsorship revenue to continue to deliver the garden and home content that more resonates with my readers.

Add to that, the WW program has improved, and those recipes from last year now have inaccurate point values. I’m planning to delete them from this site.

Blogger problems.

The full-fat recipes that I shared went wild on this site. Think Bulleit Bourbon Bacon Jam or Jameson Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce (yes, I love to cook with liquor).

smoked brisket
Brisket coated with Big Daddy’s Rib Rub stays moist during the long smoking process and packed with flavor. Sauced with Jameson Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce just before pulling off of the smoker.

One reader emailed me and suggested that I cook the yummy recipes, then just don’t eat the food.

Here’s the thing. If the food is in the house, I will eat every morsel, scrape the bowl with a spoon, then lick the spoon clean. That approach just won’t work for me. I genuinely love food.

I need to learn to love the foods that are better for me.

So, I have committed to a full-on WW program, making the drive to the next county every Tuesday to let the people weigh me and give me tips to help me lose weight.

I cannot sabotage my own wellness.

My compromise? I am starting a Weight Loss Journey page on my wellness blog that will feature healthy WW point-worthy and zero point recipes.

Does that mean that I’ll never share an occasional recipe here? Nah. They just will be rare finds. Perhaps a scrumptious tomato salad from my garden or holiday treats. But that’s it.

From here on, our focus will be on the topics that get the greatest response on this particular blog, home and gardening.

(As a side note, getting back outside and into the shop to work on more DIY projects will keep me out of the cookie jar, so to speak!)

I am genuinely excited about the changes in my blogging career and my personal wellness.

Get a free month of WW

Here is my gratuitous plug for the new WW (formerly Weight Watchers). It’s working well for my overweight fifty-year-old self, and it can work for you, too.

Want to join me on my weight loss journey? You can receive a free month of WW, and so will I, if you use my WW affiliate link, here: link to join WW.

Once I have the new blog for wellness and healthy recipes set up, I will be sure to connect with you all. Thank you for your ongoing support and for reading this long, rather informational purposes post.

Want to join the mailing list and be informed about wellness or follow my weight loss progress? Subscribe to my other blog, here.

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