Prepping Your Garden for Summer

garden for summer

Loving the warmer spring weather but dying for the summer heat? Spend time now prepping your garden for summer.You’ll have the hard work completed, so you’ll have more time to enjoy fun in the sun.

When it’s cold and miserable outside the last thing you want to do is spend any time in your garden. So those outdoor spaces tend to get neglected during the winter.

But spring is finally here and so your mind might start to think about the summer months ahead and how your garden might need some attention. It’s only natural that you are going to start thinking about your outside space and get it ready for those days utilizing it–both the ways you can use it and how you can make the most of it. The garden really is an extension from your home.

The thing you might be thinking about, is exactly how you want to use it, and the changes that you can make. So here are a couple of ways you can get your garden ready for the warmer months ahead.

summer garden
A manicured lawn with pristine edges showcases bright blooms.

Tidy up the flower beds

It’s time to clear those leaves and sticks from the winter months and create some fresh new bedding for flowers. Bright flowers can look attractive in the spring and summer months. Pruning bushes and wedding flower beds can also make a huge difference to your outside space. By just neatening up the flower beds and tidying debris away, you are well on your way to creating a lovely garden space.

Invest in new furniture, fencing and gate

white picked fence around a cottage
It’s never too early in the season to paint your fencing.

During the winter months your fencing, garden furniture and gates can feel the true brunt of the cold and icy weather. Without being treated this could cause them to become damaged. Of course, if they can be saved, you could take the opportunity to treat all the woodwork. Staining the fences and furniture can give them a new lease of life.

However, if things need replacing, then you could buy garden gates online. This allows you to do some necessary research and provides a time-saving solution. Also, at this time of year, not many people will be thinking about buying garden furniture or things for the garden in general. So use it as an opportunity to get some bargains.

Create a space for dining and socializing

A great thing to do would be to start thinking about the patio or decking areas in your garden. If you have something like that already is it being utilized as best as it could be? Perhaps it might be that you may need to change the patio doors so that you can get a great open aspect. This is when websites like could be very useful. If you haven’t got an area like this then you could look at ways of creating one. It can be great for eating outside or enjoying BBQ’s in the summer. A decked area can be made up quite easily, and if you have the space it could dramatically change the whole look of it.

Look after your lawn or patio areas

garden for summer outdoor dining
An al fresco dining area allows you to enjoy outdoor time in you garden for summer.

Speaking of having a dining area in your garden, you may already have furniture for the garden. But the truth is, the furniture will have battled with the harsh weather. The lawn can also take a bit of a beating, so as the weather is brightening up, you could use the time wisely to cut your lawn, trim the edges and give it a much-needed feed or treatment. The same applies to your patio. You could use a washer that will powerfully remove ground on dirt and grime. Giving all the areas and your walls a good steam clean will brighten them up and get rid of any grubby mud or debris that’s been hanging around.

Hydrate your garden

garden for summer
If you’ve had a dry spring, be sure to water regularly to prepare your garden for summer heat ahead.

Spring also welcomes rain showers, but we can’t rely on those to keep your lawn maintained and allow your flower beds to thrive. It’s recommended to set up a watering system or just head out yourself in an evening with a watering can. Hydrating your garden will help the lawn to grow and those planted flowers to bloom.

Create a composting area.

Now that you are getting your garden organised you could utilise the time efficiently by creating a compost area. This can even be done through scraps from cooking.This will provide much-needed nutrients for your flower beds. Allowing those bulbs and seeds you’ve planted to thrive in the warmer months ahead. It can also help you to be more eco focused with your food waste and management.

Now that you have started to tackle all of these things your garden will soon be ready for summer.

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