Benefits Of Fruit Juice For Health: Facts about juicing


Chances are, you know someone on a fruit juice diet. Juicing is a strong trend that continues to grow. Here’s why.

Health is vital and you should never take chances with it. Prevention is better than cure because when any disease or condition finds its way into your body, it causes adverse effects. It damages it and hits hard on you before you recover. Furthermore, it can leave permanent marks because you may never recover fully, and in tragic incidents, you can lose your life or some parts of your body.

Fruits are a rich source of minerals, water, nutrients, and vitamins that help our bodies to resist and fight diseases. To top it all, the high concentration of these contents in fruits is because they are not cooked. When vitamins come into contact with heat, they die. Since fruits are taken raw, their concentration remains intact.

Fruit juicing

It is not a must that you should eat fruits in their natural form. Succulent ones can be juiced and taken as fresh fruit juice. That is very healthy and beneficial to you because nothing is removed from them. It is only the fruits’ forms that are changed but their composition remains intact.

You can juice fruits and even fresh vegetables very efficiently using fruits juicers. That is done either by using masticating or centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicer processes in a silent and slower way using a method known as cold pressing. In fact, it helps to preserve the fruits’ contents whole because it does not produce any heat.

There is also the centrifugal juicer that uses a spinning method. Unlike its counterpart, this juicer is a bit loud and faster because it uses centrifugal force and spins at a high speed hence yielding the noise. This can be the best juicer for greens because its processing method is multipurpose.

What benefits does fruit juice have to our health?

Vitamins, nutrients, and minerals prevent our bodies from diseases and infections by increasing and strengthening our bodies’ immune system. Furthermore, when we are infected, they also help our bodies to fight against diseases and infections so that we can recover.

Therefore, fruits participate greatly in helping our defense mechanism against diseases – to protect, counterattack, and overcome. Furthermore, they help us in many other ways like increasing the quantity of blood, regenerating of cells, and helping every part of our body positively.

Pomegranate juice

This is an incredible fruit that is richly packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic, anti-hypertensive, and anti-oxidants. With all these and many more, pomegranate juice helps to unclog and unblock the bad cholesterol in the arteries; hence minimizing your chances of developing hypertension and heart diseases. Furthermore, it also helps to fight against cancer because it contains polyphenols that hamper the spread of cancer cells.

Apple juice

fruit juice
Apple juice–one of the best most beloved juices. It’s especially easy when you’re getting started.

Just like what the sages said, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” this is quite true and wonderful. Apple is one of the most amazing fruits that work wonders in our bodies and health. This fruit has a lot of fiber and it is also alkaline; which helps our bodies to get rid of toxins from the liver and also maintain the right pH in the body. Its effects on the heart and gut are quite fantastic. It prevents you from constipation with its laxative effect on your gut. Furthermore, apple juice has phytonutrients that help to curb diabetes. To top it all, the fiber also fights against asthma, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease, not to mention fighting breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. You should juice it whole even with its skin on.

Orange juice

fruit juice
Drink a powerful dose of antioxidants every day with orange juice.

Oranges are quite rampant and widely known because they are readily available everywhere. Moreover, their demand is always high. Oranges have quite a number of benefits to our bodies. First of all, the most outstanding quality and feature of oranges is its amazing effect on the skin. It helps to regenerate the skin and to make it glow to look soft, smooth, and tender. Furthermore, orange juice increases our immunity against diseases, reduce aging signs on the skin, detoxify the body, prevent cancer, lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and cellular repair, improve blood circulation and pressure etc. It has antioxidants and it is low in calories. These are some of the most outstanding benefits of this fruit, and you will be amazed when you get used to drinking its juice.

Cranberry juice

fruit juice
Fruit juices have essential health benefits–cranberry juice is no exception!

Other than its delicious looking color and flavor, cranberries are also heavily packed with antioxidants. That makes it so good for our bodies and our health because of its medicinal properties. Some of its components include phytonutrients which are vital in intercepting and preempting diverse health problems.

Cranberry juice fights urinary tract infections and also curbs prostate, breast, and lung cancers. That is enabled by the rich composition of antioxidants in it, not to mention its ability to fight hypertension, heart diseases, and lower bad cholesterol levels.

Avocado juice

fruit juice
Avocado juice extracts the yummy flavor plus all the good nutrition from the fruit.

Avocado is indisputably one of the most nutritious fruits. Juice like the orange, avocado is popular and readily available in the global market. It is a real powerhouse of fatty acids, and hence good for weight loss, cardiac health, and also absorption of nutrients into the body. The most amazing thing is that it has healthy fats, and it contains vitamins E & C which also strengthen your immune system.

Moreover, avocado reduces risks of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure, not to mention having antioxidants. To top it all, it is good for metabolic and eye health etc.

In a nutshell, these are some of the amazing and outstanding benefits of fruit juices.

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