Is Your Backyard Compromising Your Home?

If you are proud of the home you live in and would like to protect the value of your real estate, it is important that you look out for the dangers of your backyard. You might have already secured inside your home, but what about the hidden dangers coming from the outside? If you don’t pay attention to your plants and landscaping design, chances are that you will face problems that often go undetected. Read more about them below.

Dangerous Trees

Diseased or dying trees are a real threat to your home.

You might love the exterior of your home, and the rustic garden, but it is recommended that you carry out a health check of your plants and trees. Due to the increasing prevalence of extreme weather today, you will need to look out for dead branches and dangerous trees more often. Cut back anything that can pose a risk on your home, and fall in the winter storms, damaging your roof, or the structure of your home. Consult with a tree surgeon to get a professional opinion.

Invasive Species

Another thing you will need to look out for is invasive species. We are not only talking about Ivy taking over and damaging your hedge and fence, as well as your walls, but also more dangerous ones, such as Japanese Knotweed. You will need to talk to a professional landscaper and an expert in invasive species, as the value of your property can be halved if you have a problem with one of these invasive species that can compromise the structural stability of your building.

bamboo invasive species
Another seriously invasive plant? Bamboo!


Another reason why the jungle outside can be dangerous is the roots growing under your home and making your foundation crack or move. You will need to get a survey to find out how far the roots are spreading, and get the plant removed if they cause any problem for your home’s structural integrity. Before you start any home improvements or DIY projects, it is important that you check what surrounds your building.


If the irrigation and drainage of your backyard are not adequate, it can route the water back to your building, causing dampness and even serious structural problems. Look after your drain pipes and fix any leaks. Create a landscape that draws water away from your home to the bottom of the garden. If nothing else works, you might want to talk to professional yard drainage services to get rid of the excess water.


You might think that attracting wildlife in your garden might be a good idea, but some rodents and larger animals can cause damage. They can dig under your house, chew on cables, or simply damage your woodwork. If you would like to keep animals at bay, you might want to install a 24/7 camera around your home to spot the intruders that can damage your property.

squirrel infestation
Squirrels sure are cute, but they can cause untold dollars of damage by chewing.



We all try to secure our home the best way we can, but often forget about the dangers coming from the backyard. Look out for the problems wild animals and plants can cause to your real estate.


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