6 Smart Ways to Cook Heart Healthy

heart healthy

Want to protect yourself and your family from heart attacks and stroke? Then, here are 6 smart ways to ensure you turn to heart-healthy cooking for the good of your family.

Heart disease is a serious killer in the developed world. It is especially fatal for women, for whom there are often no warning symptoms. This is why heart disease is called the silent killer of women.

Consider Using Salt Substitutes to Lower your Sodium Intake

When you take too much salt (that is sodium), you become more vulnerable to conditions such as high blood pressure. Of course, this can can eventually lead to heart disease or a stroke. You don’t want to risk battling these lifetime diseases, and so substituting salt with other low sodium products is a smart step to ensure a healthy heart.

Consider using fresh or dried herbs, salt-free seasoning mixes, or spices to take break away your salt addiction. You can also try out flavorful additions like citrus zest for tastier meals.

aroma chili condiments cook
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Shift to an Air fryer

Using an air fryer to prepare your meals instead of deep frying foods. This a good way to save on the consumption of fatty cooking oil since this method uses little to no oil at all. When compared to deep frying, air fried meals contain less fat.

Sure we all love deep fried foods are tender and tastier than the air fried, but that shouldn’t be the basis of your cooking. Instead, turn to an air fryer which lines up with your goals of improved heart health.

Choose Beans for Heart-friendly Proteins

Stop eating red meat since it’s high in cholesterol and saturated fats. Both of these can narrow your arteries and block blood flow to your heart and other vital organs like the brain. This can eventually lead to a heart attack, heart failure, or stroke.

Consider increasing your beans intake as it’s a good source of lean protein. It nourishes your body but cuts out the fat. Additionally, beans help lower your cholesterol levels and hence ensuring your heart’s sound health.

Use Olive Oil-Based Salad Dressings

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats as well as antioxidants that work together to lower your risk of developing heart disease. These fats also help with weight loss as well as reducing inflammation. So, when you are choosing a dressing, seek out an olive oil variety.

spinach chicken pomegranate salad
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Replace Ground Beef with Ground Venison or Ground Turkey

Beef is high in cholesterol and fats. Obviously, this can increase your risk of developing heart disease or high blood pressure.

Replacing your beef recipe with ground lean turkey or venison is a wise step with regard to heart-healthy cooking considering that turkey contains low amounts of saturated fats as compared to beef.

Remember venison contains lots of proteins and vitamins. These including vitamin B6 and B12, which help lower the build-up of homocysteine in the blood. This aids in reducing your risks of suffering strokes or heart attacks.

Consider Broiling or Grilling Your Fish

Broiling or grilling your fish requires little to zero oil usage. Therefore, it’s a good way to cut down on calories. It’s a recommended method of cooking for those who’d like to reduce their fats intake. Broiling is also a good way to melt and reduce the saturated fats from red meat, thus lowering the pressure on your arteries.

brown fish fillet on white ceramic plate
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


When it comes to heart-healthy cooking, reducing your salt intake is a must-do if you hunger for a healthy heart and lifestyle. Also, remember to keep away from foods high in calories and cholesterol as they’ll work against your health goals.

Heart health is a concern for all of us. For more information on the symptoms of high blood pressure in women, please visit Fifty Plus Fab to learn more.

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