5 Ways to Make Your Home Cooler

Can’t get to sleep at night because your home is too hot? While many of us look forward to the summer heat, there can be times when we all need a break from the scorching temperatures. Here are some ways in which you can keep your home cool during the summer months.

photo of window with curtains
Photo by Jack Gittoes on Pexels.com

Improve ventilation

Opening windows will allow some air circulation which could make your home feel less stuffy – the smallest of breezes will help to cool your home down. You’re best off opening as many windows and doors in your home as possible and letting the air flow through. Keep curtains and blinds closed – this will let the air in but keep the heat of the sun out.

lit brown and gray lighted ceiling fan
Photo by Amber Lamoreaux on Pexels.com

Make good use of fans

Fans will help to cool down the air if there isn’t much of a breeze coming in from outdoors. You can improve the effectiveness of fans by using multiple fans and making sure that there are no obstructions in the way. There are various arguments as to where the best place is to position fans – so long as you’re not putting a fan directly facing a wall, it’s unlikely to make too much of a difference. Placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan can be a great trick for making the air coming out of your fan cooler.

maintain your central air
A well-maintained air conditioner will run efficiently.

Consider air conditioning

If you haven’t got air conditioning in your home, it could be worth investing in to have a more effective impact on your home’s temperature. An HVAC contractor will be able to install an air conditioning system for you. Do your research online first in order to find the most economical and effective option. Air conditioning units should be serviced every year to keep them running at their full capability.

Change your bedding

It could be worth changing your bedding for something cooler. You don’t want to be using a duvet on a summer night. However, for those that still like a comfort of a blanket, there are cooler slimline duvets. Bamboo sheets meanwhile are the best option for keeping you cool at night – not only are they more breathable than regular cotton sheets, but they’ll soak up any sweat without leaving you with wet sheets. You can even consider investing in a chillow to rest your head on – these pillows stay cool throughout the night so you don’t have to turn them over to find the cold side.

white bed comforter
Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

Use your oven less

Ovens radiate a lot of heat which could make your home even hotter indoors. On hot days, try to cook exclusively using the microwave or the barbecue. Modern ovens are a lot less likely to expend heat as wasted energy – if you’re willing to make the investment, upgrading your old oven for a new one could help to keep your home cooler in the summer when you cook while also saving you money on your energy bill.

Keep these easy tips in mind and find your cool and happy place to ride out the current heat wave.



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