How to Improve Your Curb Appeal and Interior Decor at the Same Time

I’m always a fan of killing two birds with one stone - not literally, that would be a bit of a strange thing to admit! No, I mean that I enjoy doing one thing that has more than one consequence. Especially when that one thing can improve both the exterior and interior design of the home! People always go on about improving their home decor and interior design, but then they neglect the way their house looks on the outside.

Top 6 Tips for Sparkling Clean Windows

This summer gives you the perfect opportunity to open up the curtains, fold back the drapes, and enjoy the warm sunshine shining in from sparkling clean windows. Clean windows? Wait! This isn't going to be about window washing, is it? I'm sorry, but yes, today, we're considering the dreadfully tedious and boring task of window washing. … Continue reading Top 6 Tips for Sparkling Clean Windows