Free Printable: Happy 4th of July Frameable Artwork

I received a message from a subscriber the other day. She pointed out that DIY Home & Garden hadn’t offered up a free printable in months on end. I thought back to the last free printable which was a recipe called Peanut Pie. The date? November–I had published the recipe as an alternative to pumpkin pie. Y’all, the time has flown by!

I thought about what would be cute and doodled around with a free printable to honor America’s birthday and the upcoming 4th of July holiday. It seemed like a fitting tribute and will make a cute but inexpensive piece that you can frame in a dollar store frame (or any spare frame you have lying around). You can place it on your Independence Day buffet table to decorate for the holiday. Or, you can take the framed art piece to your hostess. It would make a sweet little hostess gift.

So, plan those fun Fourth of July activities. Eating hot dogs and ice cream, spitting watermelon seeds, dipping into the pool or lake, and watching incredible displays of fireworks, keep our forefathers in mind.

Remember the sacrifices they made to fight for the establishment of the United States of America. We truly do live in a land of freedoms. And, we are blessed as a nation with plentiful natural resources and an amazing countryside from sea to shining sea. But without the wisdom that was laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the groundwork that was our Constitution, we would not have these freedoms.

The free printable artwork is my little way of sharing my respect for my fellow Americans, my love of country, and my appreciation that I get to live in the USA.

The can be printed to whatever size you like, up to a sheet of standard paper. I am printing it on a 5×7″ for on my dining room buffet (to take up less space).

Happy 4th of July free printable
Happy 4th of July. This free printable is courtesy of DIY Home & Garden. Please feel free to share and use!

Here is a pdf you can download and print easily at home: Click Here for PDF

Please print it, Pin it, and share it on social media. I’d love for everyone to have this!



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