Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Boo! Halloween is here. It’s time to get your fright on! From severed limbs to ghoulish skeletons and ultra-scary costumes, Halloween is the time for fun, fright, and yeah, more fright. Forgive me, I’m excited about all the fright. But I bet your little one isn’t. Most Halloween decorations and costumes, well, let’s just say, they are not kid-friendly. Does this mean your kids cannot still have uh-mazing fun this Halloween? Of course not! What sort of Halloween would it be if kids can’t have fun?!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of nice, child-friendly Halloween decorations you can easily implement in your home or even for a Halloween party. What’s more, the kids can help out with the decorations as the skill level needed for most of these projects is pretty low.


  • Animal-themed pumpkins

Carve your pumpkins to resemble Halloween-themed animals: bats, cats, snakes, spiders, owls etc. With matte black paint, a bit of carving, and some card stock paper, this decoration theme would sure be a favorite among kids.


pumpkin animals



bat pumpkins




owl pumpkin


  • Glittering cut-outs

The animal-themed decoration idea can be implemented without using pumpkins. Just get some colorful paper, trace out the shape of the animal, then cut out the traced figure. Sprinkle on some glitter and get these beautiful kid-friendly decoration pieces. They can be hung on windows or placed on the walls for a dramatic eye-catching effect.


bat cutouts


This idea can also be implemented if you have some really cool and colorful card stock paper handy:




  • Glittering pumpkins

No time to carve or even cut out animal-shaped decorations from colored paper? If yes, then I’ve got a very simple carve-free solution both you and your kids would enjoy making. Add colorful glitter to your pumpkins with the aid of a glue or any alternative adhesive. And that’s it! Easy-peasy, huh?


glittering pumpkins


  • Silly candy holders or dispensers

What’s Halloween without candy? This year, make some friendly and cute candy holders shaped to represent key Halloween themes. These vampire and cat candy holders are quite cheesy and not at all scary.




How about one designed as a well-known superhero figure?


batman candy


  • Cute spiders

Most kids (and a few adults as well) get freaked out by spiders, especialy those huge, hairy, and scary ones. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if they are real or not. It, therefore, stands to reason that kids with a fear for arachnids would go “Eeek!” should they encounter a scary looking spider decoration in your house. So, skip those scary tarantula decorations that look like they could eat people and a few ghosts as well, and do something cute like this toilet-roll-made spider. You’d find out that gradually these kids would learn to overcome their fears.




  • ….and their equally cute webs

Create a fantastic web sculpture with black yarn, and of course, enviable weaving skills. A smattering of little spiders helps to complete the whole look. I do admit, it’s a bit creepy. But hey, it’s Halloween!


spider web


For something less creepy, how about a similar spider-and-web design featuring pumpkins? Replace the black yarn with kitchen twine wrapped around a pumpkin and voila…..


spider web pumpkin


If you don’t want the spiders but are totally cool with the web, then check out this amazing web constructed from outdoor trash bags. 


spider webs


  • Mummified items

DIY most times involves using the little you have to create something else that you want or need. And for Halloween, this could come in very handy. Old cereal boxes can be wrapped with strips of white fabric and a set of googly eyes attached to create mummy-themed decorations. 


mummy cereal boxes


If you wish to create an apocalyptic Halloween land filled with mummies, zombies, ghosts, and vampires, you can wrap embroidery yarn around some wooden spools, then create the amazing facial combination of silliness plus scariness using stickers.


mummy land


  • Mummy candy cans

This decoration scheme combines two previously mentioned ideas: mummifying items and creating silly candy holders. Get empty tin cans, wrap them with white strips of fabric, insert the googly eyes, and then fill them up with candy. No kid can resist candy, even candy wrapped in a silly mummy holder.


mummy cans


  • Halloween ghost t-shirts

I saw this and fell in love with it instantly.  Use black fabric paint on a plain white tee to design a scary ghost face. It’s cute, scary and not to mention practical for the Halloween season. 


halloween tshirt


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