DIY Projects That Will Enhance Your Bedroom

Engage in amazing DIY projects for your bedroom this weekend because it totally deserves a makeover. You might not really think much about it, but your bedroom is your safe haven; it’s like your place of refreshing when the world takes its toll on you. For me, it’s where I go to to regroup whenever I’m out of steam. The bedroom is truly a pretty special place. Now that we’ve established that, I got a question for you.

Is your bedroom pretty? Is it welcoming? When last did you lie on your bed and simply admire the room’s decor and overall appearance, and let it soothe your tired muscles? I bet you can’t remember. We’ve been focusing on other areas of the home from our kitchens to our backyards for the past few weeks. So, when Deborah asked me to write on DIY projects for the bedroom, I was excited about it, ‘cuz the bedroom is like my favorite place. What can I say? I love my privacy…..and sleep (errm….beauty sleep)

On a more serious note though, get ready to explore your creativity with these wonderful DIY projects that would enhance the look and feel of your bedroom:

  • Do something unique with your headboard

Excuse my tendency to exaggerate matters a little bit, but I’ve always seen the headboard as my personal canvas where I can display those creative ideas teeming in my brain. It’s your bedroom and you are free do whatever you want in it. Some people use pallets, others implement steel, glass or vintage DIY ideas for their headboards.

All these ideas are cool, but have you ever considered the wall above your bed? Yes, it can serve as your headboard too and this is where that canvas-thingy comes into play. Thick foam sheets can be cut into different sizes, painted and then mounted on your head-board wall, and the result is this fantastic-looking piece.

summer wall art-7
I would sleep here any day, anytime….| Credit:

Pink too girly for you? Then this blue-themed headboard-wall design should suit your tastes perfectly. Get real canvas pieces from the store, mount them on your wall, then use skinny floral tapes with different hues to tape your canvas in a criss-crossing manner. Paint the spaces between the lines and ta-da!


painted headboard
Totally appealing! | Credit:
  • Revamp your side table

The side table is another key furniture in your bedroom and this is your chance to do something different with it. You can either go rustic and traditional with this wooden stump idea:


Wooden stump side tables | Credit:

Or take on this absolutely gorgeous DIY hack. Build a shelving unit and attach wooden legs to it, and there you have it: your own personalized side table + shelf.


Multi-functional and pretty | Credit:


diy-side-table legs
Just twist the legs into the already drilled holes in the shelf | Credit:

Alternatively, you can upcycle a vintage wicker cat into a side table. It adds a touch of uniqueness to your bedroom, and comes with an added bonus of extra space to keep more stuffs within easy reach. Notice the space in the bottom shelf in the picture below.


Bar cart revamped into side table | Credit:

How about a cinder block side table? Pure genius, I tell you.


cinder block
Not tacky at all | Credit:







  • …..and your drawers


Re-decorate your drawers with bold, bright beautiful colors or a more muted design; whichever is your fancy. The geometric square design on these drawers would keep you busy this weekend.

drawers 2
Mini drawers are not left out | Credit:


A true bedroom enhancer | Credit:



  • Your dressers need some love too

Yes, they do. If they are looking old, re-paint them. Tired of their usual appearance? Re-design their overall look with this snazzy paint job. Gold is a great color, more so with the new knobs and drawers pulls.

One pretty dresser…. | Credit:


  • Don’t forget your closets!

We’ve gone through so many decorating and designing ideas for the bedroom. But we cannot underestimate the importance of a well organized closet. It gives an uncluttered feel to the room, and let’s be honest, it would be way easier to search for stuffs once everything has its allocated place. Deborah gives great ideas in her closet-storage articles for your bedroom. Hanging your clothes with hangers and storing your shoes in shelves and racks are great ways to achieve an uncluttered space in your room. 


Handbag storage on the upper shelf of your master closet | Credit:






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    1. I’m glad you did. My first reaction on seeing it definitely wasn’t ‘like’. It was more like “what?”. But it sure is unique. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our articles. Much appreciated!

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    1. I would suggest a thorough cleaning and inspect for bugs as you clean. The last thing you need is to carry termites into your home! Then, I would seal it with a clear polyurethane. This will keep it from disintegrating all over the place.

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