8 Ways to Decorate with Chrysanthemums This Fall

Fall is a season of colourful, beautiful flowers, and chrysanthemums (commonly referred to as mums) remain the season’s most popular blossom. Mums feature in almost every fall decor, whether you’re decorating your patio, porch or even the dining table! That’s why we’re all about the mums today. Here are 8 inspiring ways you can decorate with chrysanthemums in the fall:

  • Mums in traditional planters

This decoration idea is actually very common and can be found on every porch in fall. It does come with several container options. You could use terracotta pots and vases, ceramic bowls, wooden buckets, or metallic planters.

Mums in a terracotta pot | Credit: livingthecountrylife.com
A ceramic bowl is another great option | Credit: livingthecountrylife.com
wooden containers
This homeowner shows off her lovely mums in wooden planters | Credit: serendipityrefined.com
A collection of metallic planters | Credit: midwestliving.com

You can decide to be unique and go for rustic containers like these charming olive buckets:

Fall mums in olive buckets | Credit: onsuttonplace.com

As you can see from these pictures, it’s possible to be very creative while decorating with mums. Their beautiful colors and hues give you the freedom to combine them with other fall flowers, plants, and grasses and achieve an overall spectacular effect. Explore several options to find out which works best for your patio or porch.

  • Mums in pumpkins

The mums-and-pumpkin-duo is a standard fall decoration, and it would be a serious crime not to include it on our list. As a cool and eye-catching variation of the mums-in-a-planter idea, your mums can be planted in hollowed-out pumpkins and used to create amazing curb appeal for your patios, porches, and borders.

Mums and pumpkins | Credit: beautyandbedlam.com
  • Unconventional mums-pumpkin design

There are times you feel the urge to do something different from the norm. This time around, you’re tired of the same old, same old, put-your-mums-in-a-pumpkin style. Well, let’s get radical: why don’t you place your mums AROUND the pumpkin? “Say what?” Yeah, someone got inventive and found a way to decorate the body of a pumpkin with chrysanthemums, adding a different spin to the traditional holiday decoration.

mums and pumpkin
Uniquely different! | Credit: bhg.com
mums and pumpkins 2
Here, the mums proudly display the owner’s house numbers | Credit hgtv.com
  • Mums and a chalkboard display

If you love having a welcoming handwritten display on your porch, then this idea can come in very handy. Get a used plastic candy container and paint it matte black. When it’s dry, write whatever fall message you want on it using a chalk. Then place a pot of mums into the container, and there you have it: a warm, flowery chalkboard display. Even better, the plastic container used looks like a pumpkin, and your visitors would wonder how on earth you accomplished such an appealing mums-and-chalkboard-pumpkin display. The secret is ours!

chalkboard pumpkin
Looks like a pumpkin, but a pumpkin, it is not | Credit: bhg.com
  • Mums-wreath for doors

With a foam wreath, mum flowers and twine, you can create a beautiful and welcoming wreath for your doors. For simplicity, stick with a particular mum flower in the overall wreath design. If you’re aiming for a more dazzling effect, then use several mums having different hues.

Spider mums wreath | Credit: bhg.com
wreath 2
A kaleidoscope of colors | Credit: livingthecountrylife.com
  • Mums-wreath for tabletop

Wreaths are not restricted to doors alone. Give your table an autumn-y look with appealing fall wreaths made from mums using a waterproof container, a decorative basket, and of course, a floral foam wreath.

Organizing Tip: The wreath can be made to function as a candle holder. SImply place a candle in the middle.

wreath table
Wreath + Candle holder | Credit: livingthecountrylife.com
  • Go for light-colored mums

This year, abandon the usual bright colors of red, orange, and yellow, and embrace something way more relaxing. Decorate your porch with pale mums: those with a white or light-blue color. This decor is unique and wonderfully represents fall. Plus, it reminds me of snowy days ahead!

Light is right | Credit: homestoriesatoz.com
  • Mum centerpieces

Bring autumn indoors with beautiful centerpieces for your tables. Combining different-colored mums is recommended for a masterful and striking look. You can also include other fall flowers to increase the diversity of your centerpiece.

Butternut squash and mums | Credit: livingthecountrylife.com
Fall is the focal point of this dining table | Credit: marthastewart.com




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