Christmas in July?


Christmas in July? You may wonder who shops those sales. Well.  Er. I do. I love Christmas and love the opportunity to cash in on some early holiday sales before the holiday rush. In fact, I’m normally done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, when other shoppers are fighting the crowds, I am tucked safely away at home. I spend the weekend with my family decorating our yard, putting up and dressing up four Christmas trees, and watch a ton of football.

By December 1st, I have gift wrapped all the presents and placed them under the tree. I have stuffed the stockings and hung them on the fireplace. But not on the mantel. We don’t have one. It’s a DIY project down the road…

I know that many people scoff at my super-organized-Christmas-planning. I. Don’t. Care. I unabashedly and unapologetically love Christmas! I love the time spent with family, the festive feeling at my job, the sparkly decorations, and both the classic and new Christmas music.

I love giving Christmas presents. And I give Christmas presents to almost every person I know. They are often homemade treats and cookies, but I like to spread the holiday cheer.

Indeed, I have already purchased small gifts for my nieces and stocking stuffers for my whole family. My stepdaughter’s “big present” is already in my mind and I’m waiting for a sale. Hopefully today, I will find the right price tag.

I own an elf dress. It looks like this:

cute elf dress
Elf Dress: a fun holiday sweater dress with leggings.|

Yes, I do wear it. From Thanksgiving through December 24th, I wear it once a week. In fact, I often have people tell me that it makes their day when I wear this little thing. I wear it over leggings and with elf-looking boots. I know that it’s tacky. I understand that I look over the top. I. Don’t. Care. It’s comfy and it makes people smile!

jingle bell bracelet
A jingle bell bracelet is fun to wear for the holiday season|

And yes, the jingle bells do ring when I walk. As do the jingle bells on my jingle bell bracelet.

The Christmas holiday season is a time for family get-togethers, baking cookies, visiting neighbors and friends, and spoiling the little kids. I don’t care to spend those magical days leading up to Christmas with crowds of people in the mall.

Some may say that I am overly commercial in my view of Christmas. I would challenge that by stating that by being home through the season, I am not. In fact, I am honoring the spirit of Christmas with by showering my family with presents. I only get to do in once a year, so why not?

So go ahead and laugh that I am over the top about Christmas. Yes, I am. I love the Christmas season and don’t make any excuses for it.

And I do understand the reason for the season. Yes, I believe that we should leave Christ in Christ-mas. Indeed, I know that the giving of gifts represents the Gifts of the Magi to baby Jesus. And I love to perpetuate the gift giving and won’t apologize for it. I love Christmas!

So Merry Six Months Until Christmas!

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