Unique Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Today, we are giving some special love to our readers with small bathrooms. The bathroom is truly one of the most essential space in any house. Apart from serving several hygienic purposes, we keep lots of stuffs in there: toothbrushes, razors, electric shavers, makeup brushes and other beauty products and accessories, tissue paper, towels, lotions, creams, soaps, hairdryers…..I’m sure you’re beginning to get the drift on how cramped a bathroom can be if there is not enough space to efficiently store all these very, very important stuff.

So if you’re just like me, having lots of stuffs that you just can’t seem to find space for in that small bathroom, here are some unique and definitely practical ways to store all your stuff. With these ideas, you can keep your bathroom looking clean, uncluttered, and yes, inviting.

  • Create and save space with a multi-purpose mirror

Everyone’s got a mirror in their bathroom probably because we can’t afford not being able to gaze at our beauty and apparent elegance daily. If you don’t have a mirror, my apologies, I guess you are not as vain as the rest of us. So, I stand corrected. Almost everyone has a mirror in their bathroom. But instead of just serving as a reflection of your awesomeness, your mirrors can help uncramp your bathroom. Mirrors that have dual or multiple storage compartments or cabinets can be used to store items that would normally clutter the top of your sink.

Photo Credit: Bathroom Design Ideas 2017 (tutitam.info)
  • Don’t leave your walls bare 

I’m not talking about hanging pictures or pieces of art in your bathroom. People who do that are very rich plus they have huge bathrooms. So we common folks have to stick with just hanging our normal everyday stuffs on our bathroom walls.  Using your walls helps to save space as compared to using the floors which limits freedom or range of movement in the bathroom.

How do I use my walls? Now, this depends on the kind of landlord you have. If your landlord frowns at nails in his walls or any wall mounting that would leave a permanent scar, then your options are limited to command hooks and plastic shower caddies. If the landlord is not so particular about the walls, then hammer away and fill your walls with different kinds of racks, cabinets and shelves.

Photo Credit: DiY Network (diynetwork.com)
  • No space is too weird or icky

I bet the space above your toilet is bare because well, it is the space above the toilet and it’s just weird to keep things there. No, it really isn’t. The picture below says it all. So, go ahead and change that boring-looking area into a bright, space-saving and still hygienic space. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest (pinterest.com)

Your under-sink cabinet has a lot of space that hasn’t been maximized yet. Get some fancy baskets and put stuffs in it from towels to extra supplies.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy (apartmenttherapy.com)
  • Be creative

Necessity is the mother of invention, and small cramped spaces breed creativity. So, yes, my friend, when you have a shortage of space, then it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Here are some cool hints to point you in the right direction.  

Using your door as a towel rack:

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy (apartmenttherapy.com)

Using the space above your door:

shelf over door
Photo Credit: Pinterest (pinterest.com)


Using the insides of your cabinet door to hang extra toilet paper or handy electronics:

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy (apartmenttherapy.com)


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