Free Printable: Honey Do List With Bumblebee Theme

bumblebee theme

Today I’m sharing a free printable, a honey do list with a cute bumblebee theme for the summertime. Instead of a long post, I wanted to post this early enough in the summer for you to print it out and put it to use.

Honey-Do Pin
The free printable honey do list is the NAG FREE way to ask for help.

I think many would agree that when a task is written down, it’s more likely to get done. There’s a certain accountability that we feel when we see a written request. This is a cute, sweet way to ask your spouse or significant other to get something done for you without nagging.

It also includes a simple message of “thank you” so that he or she will feel appreciated. That acknowledgement, in itself, is powerful!

Print out this jpg free printable, use it to make chore requests, and watch the items get checked off the list.  It prints on 8.5×11 paper for easy, no-fuss printing.

Please let me know how this works in your family.

free printable honey-do list
Print this and share chores with your spouse in a fun, cute, non-nagging manner for best results.
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