Create Quick and Easy Vertical Storage Space In Your Home

Today we are going to look at how you can create quick and easy vertical storage space in your home. While most of us daydream of living in a large home with huge walk-in closets, that’s not the reality for most. The number of people who reside in apartments or homes of modest size is huge! While most are content with their snug space, they have one common complaint: lack of storage space.

I live in a small ranch home built in the 1960s. I love the small space. It takes very little time to keep clean, it’s well-built and the brick exterior needs almost no maintenance, and it feels warm and cozy.

However, I am in the same boat as apartment renters. My home was built before walk-in closets became trend. There are only two bedrooms in my home and both have wall closets that are on the smaller size.  Therefore, stealing closet space from a third bedroom isn’t in the cards.

After a couple of years of trying to find things that I had lost, I decided to think about new ways to store things. First, I took a very honest look at all my possessions. I went one room at a time cleaning out and organizing every closet. I donated a lot of clothes that didn’t fit to a great charity. In fact, I even made a few dollars selling some higher-end items that I no longer needed on eBay.

Once the big clean-out of 2015 was completed, I made it a point to find creative new storage solutions. After pondering my situation and looking up ideas on pinterest, the solution was clear.

I obviously needed to take advantage of vertical storage space to store all my things. Vertical space is the area up the walls, over the doorways, under existing furniture. This is where you can find sneaky storage space in the most challenging areas of your home.

In the effort of full disclosure, the images I’m sharing today aren’t mine. They are the ideas that inspired me to take action. I used some of these ideas, I modified some to suit my home, and I rejected a few that are great ideas but just didn’t work for me. Consider adopting whichever ones may work for you.


Small bathrooms present a particular challenge. Of course, we all want a sleek, neat clutter-free bathroom. We want to get showered and groomed in a serene feeling. But when you have a tiny bathroom, that may sound impossible!

Add shelving that adds charm while providing valuable storage space.

Some people have etageres above their toilets. That has never been my personal favorite as I find that dust collects around the feet. Installing shelving off the floor above the toilet adds character and I find it easier to keep clean. I installed shelving where I can can display my large collection of fine fragrances and select one to wear each day.

The trick is to keep the items all alike (like my fragrances) or in baskets to keep the look neat. Otherwise, you will certainly end up with clutter!

storage small bathroom
Add shelves above your toilet to add storage space to a small bathroom |

Adding shelving above the bathroom door is a sneaky way to add storage that I loved. However, I sadly haven’t taken time to build shelves yet.  Perhaps that’s another project that I can post…

Crafty and creative touches like mason jars mounted on an upcycled piece of scrap wood or a basket turned on its side can also provide charming and practical solutions.

Finally, don’t neglect your linen closet. Use judgment in discarding faded, ratty towels and keep the nice ones. Clear all clutter. Also, take advantage of the vertical space inside the linen closet door by adding a wire rack shelving unit or even a hanging shoe bag to store extra toiletry items.

linen closet storage
Add wire shelving to the inside of your linen closet door to take advantage of wasted space. |


The bedroom is another space where we need more storage.

First, take advantage of furniture that does double-duty. A bed that has storage underneath makes smart use of wasted space under the bed. It looks far more stylish than pushing plastic storage boxes under there!

bedroom storage
Use the vertical space under your bed by choosing a storage bed. |
Trundle bed
A trundle bed adds storage or a place for an overnight guest to sleep. |

Add vertical storage inside your closet using a number of sneaky tricks. Double or triple your vertical shoe storage space by using shoe racks. You can build one or purchase them at your local superstore.  Or, add hanging shoe bags to the back of your closet door. Personally, I went with a very sturdy shoe rack because I have so many shoes. It’s an issue.

These clear hanging shoe racks are also fantastic for organizing small items like scarves, jewelry, or even lingerie. Because they are clear it’s easy to select your items and return things to the correct place.

Also, it may be worth stealing one of the bathroom storage ideas…add a shelf above the bedroom door and put pretty baskets up to hold less-used items out of sight but neatly stored.


Of course, the kitchen is an area of special concern for all of us! However, I am going to skip a long discussion. Instead, I am sharing the link to a recent post by Peculiar Erhis who did an in-depth look at how to maximize storage space in a small kitchen.

In fact, after reading Peculiar’s post, I decided to use one of her suggestions and hang some things inside the kitchen cabinet doors. I opened the cabinet door…only to find that somebody before me had already added some hooks to hang things on. I had truly overlooked it for the three years that I lived here!



The home office is an area that collects considerable clutter in many home. This is my Achilles Heel. Therefore, I saved this space for last.

While I don’t actually have an office, I have a corner of a room with my desk. Because I have very little storage space it becomes an unsightly mess. In fact, when I’m expecting guests I normally throw everything in a box and hide it. I usually can’t find whatever random papers I’m looking for later when I try to.

This is something I am currently working on. I don’t have a closet and have my grandmother’s small-ish antique desk that I refinished, so I don’t want to purchase a larger one.  The desk is in the corner of my living room. I do need to take advantage of vertical space, either under the printer or up the wall. Any suggestions ya’ll?

Anyways, here are some home office ideas that I am mulling over:



In using any of these suggestions, remember to keep an eye open for unused space. However, keep it clean looking not cluttered. Group together like objects, use neat looking baskets, and make sure it remains pleasing to the eye. After all, you want your space organized and liveable.





2 thoughts on “Create Quick and Easy Vertical Storage Space In Your Home

  1. Your evaluation of organizing using wall space was directly on point. You did a good job. I subscribed to your feed and just gave you thumbs up on my Facebook. Again, excellent post!


    1. Asa: Thank you very much for the compliments. I’m glad you liked the idea of using vertical space to organize. I live in a smaller home and every inch counts! Thank you for the share on Facebook and subscribing to the blog. Please feel free to share as often as you like! Keep in touch.


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