7 Must-Have Multi-Purpose Furniture for Your Small Apartment

Some weeks ago, I published a post on how to maximize the space in your small studio apartment. Out of the several ideas and suggestions offered, most readers would have noticed my fondness for the multi-purpose furniture. I do love them! Why? Well, what’s not to love? They help you conserve space by performing the purpose of two separate furniture and they look chic and sophisticated while doing it. So today, we would be talking about 7 of my favorite multi-purpose furniture small apartment owners must have.

  • The Murphy Bed

If there is an ancestor of multi=tasking furniture, it would undoubtedly have to be the Murphy bed. Everyone loves a two-in-one package but the Murphy bed doubles the experience and gives you 3 – 4 furniture in just one piece. At night, the Murphy bed is well, a bed. But in the daytime, it can be transformed into a shelving system, a sofa or even a workspace. For those who feel it’s kind of costly, I say the price is definitely worth it.

A Murphy bed with a shelving system, workspace and a nice little sofa underneath | Credit: Pinterest (pinterest.com)
  • Storage Beds

Do you believe that apart from providing a comfortable rest for your body after a hard day’s work, your bed is also capable of storing a substantial amount of your stuff? Well, if your answer was no, the storage bed proves you wrong. With its comfy feel and a storage space designed underneath the mattress, you can sleep and store at the same time. Neat, eh?

Comfortable and practical | Credit: Bedszone (bedszone.co.uk)
  • Other multi-purpose beds

If for some reason the Murphy bed is not to your liking and the idea of keeping stuffs under your bed is not really your cup of tea, don’t be discouraged. There are several beds with other purposes. You could purchase a fold-out bed that also acts as a cabinet, a couch that swivels into a bed or a sofa that can be transformed into a bunk bed. Whatever your taste, there is a multi-purpose furniture for you.

  • Storage-chest-turned-coffee-table

Why get a coffee table when your trunk is taking up some serious space? Regardless of what you store in the trunk: shoes, toys, and other whatnots, it can be properly placed in your entertaining area to serve as a coffee table.

Store stuffs, drink coffee and still have enough space | Credit: Home Decorating Ideas (garciniavibe.com)
  • Double-duty seats

Your seats should do more than just provide convenient seating arrangements. Some couches and ottomans come fitted with internal storage space. Some ottomans also come with a tray on top for serving guests, eliminating the need for a table.

Leather storage ottoman | Credit: Crate&Barrel (crateandbarrel.com)
  • Window blind plus laundry rack

This is one handy multi-purpose piece if you and the drying machine are not on good terms. The window blind can be dropped down to provide a laundry rack for drying your clothes. 

Simple and effective | Credit : Tuvie (tuvie.com)
  • Multi-purpose kitchen items

The use of multi-tasking furniture is not restricted to your living space, as the multi-functional island for kitchens is also a great double-duty piece. You can read more on it here.

Instead of having separate cutting boards and colanders, you can purchase this multi-purpose cutting board that is fitted with a colander. The board can be conveniently used over your sink.

Cutting board + Colander | Credit: Fancy (fancy.com)

Truly, nothing beats having multi-purpose furniture in a small space. They provide great functionality in a small package. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these beauties and save some space today!

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