How To Refinish Laminate Furniture… It’s Easy To Do!

refinishing laminate furniture

At some point, you’ve probably wondered if you can/how to refinish laminate furniture. Yes, indeed, it can be done. In fact, it’s quite easy to do!

Along the way, I think most of us have picked up a cheap piece or two of laminate furniture. You know, the kind with the fake wood or the matte white finish.  It usually lasts a few months or a couple of years. Then it gets dinged up and isn’t really repairable. Or the laminate comes loose and lifts up.  Or, you just want to replace it with something prettier.

I, too, have had these pieces in my home.  In fact, the microwave cart in my kitchen is a hand-me-down piece from my mother. It’s ugly but it has a lot of concealed storage space so I’ve kept it with the intention of painting it a prettier color some day.

Instead of testing out how to paint laminate furniture on a piece I plan to keep, I practiced on this piece.  It’s a different microwave cart, which a friend gave to me; she had planned to haul it to the trash. It was in almost perfect shape and it seemed like a good idea to give it a try.

This was a win-win. She was able to have me haul it away, and I had a practice piece.

I researched several different methods of refinishing laminate furniture and settled on a method that combined spray painting and rolling paint.

Here’s how I did it.

refinish laminate furniture
Ugly Laminate Furniture CAN Be Refinished (before)


Before you can start painting, you must clean any debris or oil away from the piece so that the paint will stick.  I also used pliers to pull the staples out when I removed the back board that’s behind the top shelf. It was surprisingly in perfect condition. I used that as an opportunity to add a little splash of teal.  I also taped off the casters. You can remove them, but meh.

I used Krylon Fusion White Spray Paint Primer.  The Krylon Fusion line is safe for plastics, which is what you need for painting laminate furniture. It took two coats to cover this, which was about a can and a half of primer.

When you’re looking at primers, they usually come in white, gray, or black. I always choose white for pieces that I plan to paint white or bright colors. I feel like they give a perfect blank canvas and make the colors appear brighter. I keep black for projects that I’m painting darker. I save gray for metallic finishes.

You can choose how you want, but this is a rule of thumb that I follow regardless of what type of project I’m painting.

paint laminate furniture
Two Coats of Krylon Fusion Primer Ensures That Paint Will Stick To Laminate Furniture


While my primer dried, I turned my attention to the backer board that I salvaged. On closer inspection, I saw it had several little cracks. It was still sturdy, so I decided to cover it up to save it.  It gave stability to the cart. Once I removed it, the little cart was quite wobbly.

I cut a piece of fabric down to have about 3″ of overhang around the back of the board. By the way, iron the fabric first! I didn’t and I now have a little wrinkle permanently attached. Oh well, live and learn.

Apply a gentle mist of spray adhesive and let it set up about 3 minutes. starting at the middle of the front, quickly smooth out the fabric all the way around. Flip to the back, and fold the corners like it’s a present. Spray it down with more spray adhesive.

When using the spray adhesive, I prefer to work outside so I don’t overspray onto anything that I don’t want sticky. Plus, it’s stinky. Outside’s definitely best!


Because my Hubby is a very neat painter, he takes over finish work for me. He used a foam roller and rolled on a satin finish paint.  We started to use a flat finish paint, testing in an inconspicuous place. It didn’t look very good. We switched to a satin and it rolled on and dried beautifully. It took two coats of paint to get a fantastic finish.

We decided to go with Valspar’s Fossil White which we had bought at our local Ace Hardware store.  We had it on hand. I knew the creamy white and teal would look stunning together, so we went with it.

After the paint dried, I also untaped the casters.


After the paint dried, my husband helped me reattach the backer board with small nails.


How To Refinish Laminate Furniture (after)
How To Refinish Laminate Furniture (after)

I really didn’t have any use for this cart, so I gave it to a friend who teaches school. She’s always looking for affordable or free pieces like this one to use in her classroom.  She intends to use it for a media cart. She’s really pleased with it because the casters make it easy to move around, it’s wipeable, and sturdy again.  I hope she can use this piece for years to come.

refinish laminate furniture
A laminate furniture makeover is fun and easy. Paint laminate furniture for an instant update.

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